About Shale Experts

The Company

Shale Experts is an online tool used by oil and gas professionals to gain better insight into the highly dynamic unconventional marketplace. It is used by service and supply, financial, midstream and exploration & production industry to, identify new sales leads, monitor drilling intensity, track and monitor emerging plays, identify farm-out opportunities, gather market intelligence for equipment and services sales and understand best practices for existing plays.

The People

  • Rons Dixon / Founder

    Rons Dixon is an avid early stage investor in internet startups.  He was a early investor in companies such as yelp.com (went public 2012) and del.i.cious (acquired by yahoo, 2005).

    Most recently Mr. Dixon served as VP of Digital Media for Hart Energy, where he was instrumental in developing the company's e-commerce capabilities and provided broad digital strategic direction.  Mr Dixon is also credited with helping to develop the industry's first editorial shale gas website, unconventional gas center.

    Contact : Rons@shaleexperts.com
    Phone : (1)-713-876-7700


  • Larry Wickstrom/ Geologist

    Larry Wickstrom runs his own consultancy, Wickstrom Geosciences, LLC, in Worthington, Ohio. He performs geologic mapping and analysis, geologic and economic reviews of prospects and properties, as well as prospect generation. His career-long work on the Trenton Limestone and surrounding units has been key to the development of the Utica-Point Pleasant Shale Play in Ohio and the northern Appalachian Basin.

    Larry retired from his position as the 12th state geologist of Ohio and Chief of the Division of Geological Survey within the Ohio Department of Natural Resources in August 2012. Larry spent nearly 30 years at the Ohio Geological Survey working in support of industry, commerce, the environment, safety, and education.

    Larry received both his B.S. and M.S. degrees in geology from Kent State University and has performed many geologic investigations that have led to over 40 technical publications plus numerous abstracts.

    Contact : lwickstro2@hotmail.com

  • Lauren C. Sjurseth / Web Commander

    As Web Commander, Lauren C. Sjurseth creates and edits much of the digital content that appears on Shale Experts. She has spent the majority of her career working in the digital media sphere of the oil and gas industry. Her expertise is geared toward online news generation, content development and website organization.

    Lauren has devoted her skills in web content management to numerous outlets in recent years, including serving as Hart Energy's first dedicated Content Specialist. Additionally she has worked with various web start-ups throughout her college and professional career, most notably for a subsidiary of Berkshire-Hathaway before taking her current position at Shale Experts.

    She holds a Bachelor of Journalism with an emphasis on Digital Media from the University of Texas, Austin, TX USA.

  • John Devine / Database Manager

    John Devine serves as Shale Experts' Database Manager, but is active in a variety of other areas with proficiency in IT, sales, communication and business development. Prior to joining Shale Experts, he served as a Business Development Manager for Focuzmindz (a consulting company). Additionally, he honed his IT and computer skills while working for ID Tech Computer Camp.

    John holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Houston, Houston TX USA. Additionally, he is earning his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of St. Thomas, Houston TX USA.

    Contact : JDevine@shaleexperts.com

  • Lacy Ward / GIS Specialist

    Lacy Ward is Shale Experts' dedicated GIS Specialist, responsible for tracking operator positions and mapping them across a variety of plays and regions.

    Lacy received a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies, with a minor of African American Studies at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. She also hold a Masters in City and Regional Planning and JD from University of Memphis.

    Contact : LWard@shaleexperts.com