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Concho Buck Market Trends; Increases 2015 Drilling Budget

The company is targeting year-over-year production growth of 28% to 32% in 2015 and expects to spend approximately...

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  Company Capex - 2014
Cimarex Energy Co. plans to spend XXXXXX to drill & frac XXXXXX wells in the Permian - Avalon Shale in 2014. The company plans to operate XXXXXX rigs.

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Permian - Avalon Shale Overview

The Avalon Shale, which extends essentially across the entire Delaware Basin, is a member of the Permian-aged Bone Spring formation of the Leonardian geologic series. It is sandwiched betweenthe Delaware Sands and 1st Bone Spring Carbonate above and the 1st Bone Spring Sand below at depths ranging from 6,500 – 9,000’.

The Avalon covers largely the same area as the 1st Bone Spring and its name is occasionally used by some operators to refer to either or both…

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Latest Midstream Projects
Project Name Completion date Capacity (MBOPD)
Cactus Pipeline Capacity Increase  - -
Ramsey II Processing Facility  - -
DCP Sandhills Pipeline  - -
Red Bluff Project  - -
Ramsey III System  - -
Total   -
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  Permian - Avalon Shale - Mergers & Acquisitions

Announce DateHeadlineBuyerSellerValue $MMType
12/23/2013 Regency Expands Midstream Footprint in Delaware Basin $290 Asset
12/28/2012 Mexco Energy Snaps Up Bakken, Permian Interests $1 Asset
09/12/2012 Shell Acquires Permian Assets from Chesapeake $1,935 Asset
09/12/2012 Chevron Agrees to Acquire Delaware Basin Acreage --- Asset

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