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SIGNIFICANT GROWTH POTENTIAL SUPPORTED BY STRONG WELL ECONOMICS Independent Ranking of North American Light/Medium Oil Plays 2017 Drilling Program (Based on Internal Rates of Return at US 50 WTI) Supported by Quick Payouts 1st 3rd 4th 6th 10th Williston Basin: Viewfield Bakken 1 year Williston Basin: Flat Lake or less Uinta Basin: Recent horizontal wells Well Payouts Williston Basin: SE SK Conventional 1 to 2 SW Saskatchewan: Shaunavon SK Viking Viewfield Bakken Flat Lake Tower Montney Shaunavon East Pembina Cardium Permian Midland Permian Regan/Upton Karnes Trough Eagle Ford Karr Dunvegan STACK Maramec/Woodford SCOOP Woodford SE Sask Conventional Ferguson Bakken/Exshaw Gordondale Montney Fort Berthold Bakken/Three Forks years SW Saskatchewan: Viking Other: Swan Hills 2 years Williston Basin: North Dakota Flat Pricing assumption: Sourced from Scotiabank GBM September 2016 The Playbook. US 55.00 WTI / 0.75 CAD/USD fx CPG Shaunavon IRR is an average of the Upper and Lower zones 80% of 2017 drilling budget expected to payout in 2 years or less 7 FOOTNOTES INCLUDED IN THE BACK AS ENDNOTES
Crescent Point Energy Corp.
April 2017

ROR (%) 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 120% 140% 160% Meramec Overpressured oil Bakken Core Midland Northern Wolfcamp A & B Tier I Wattenberg Core Marcellus NE PA Delaware Wolfcamp Tier I Meramec Oil Lower Spraberry Delaware Bone Spring & Leonard Utica Dry Gas 82% of CLR SCOOP Condensate D&C capital Marcellus SW Dry gas Non Core Source: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, December 2016 Marcellus SW Wet Gas and Super Rich Central Platform Permian SCOOP Oil Canyon Lime Delaware Wolfcamp Tier II Meramec Wet Gas Plays in the Country Powder River Basin UticaWet gas Haynesville / East Texas Eastern Midland Wolfcamp Southern Midland Wolfcamp Eagle Ford Tier 3 Eagle Ford Tier 2 Cana Midland Wolfcamp D FayettevilleTier 1 Wattenberg Noncore Eaglebine Single Well Rate of Return 60 WTI & 3.50 HH Barnett Bakken Noncore Uinta Basin and Greater Natural Buttes Delaware Wolfcamp Tier 3 Fayetteville Tier 2 Delaware Brushy Canyon Fayetteville Tier 3 185,000 NET ACRES STACK WOODFORD BAKKEN 200,000 NET ACRES 848,000 NET ACRES STACK MERAMEC/OSAGE 1.78 Million Net Reservoir Acres 82% of 2017 D&C Capital Allocated to Top Two ROR Oil 3 346,000 NET ACRES SCOOP WOODFORD SCOOP SPRINGER 200,000 NET ACRES
Continental Resources, Inc.
March 2017

2017 Capital Program Accelerating resource play activity and value within cash flows Total MRO Growth 2.2B capex, 90% to high return U.S. flat 55 WTI resource plays BOED & BOPD STACK strategic objectives driving Oklahoma growth; 2017 rig count more than doubles 10 - 12% CAGR Bakken ramp-up following success from high intensity completions and strong crude oil price response 2017E 2021E Eagle Ford providing free cash flow at maintenance levels U.S. Resource Play Growth flat 55 WTI Accelerating near term growth in resource plays (oil & boe): 4Q16 to 4Q17 growth of 15 - 20% BOED & BOPD 2017-2021 CAGR at flat 55 WTI (oil & boe) 10 - 12% total MRO production 18 - 22% CAGR 18 - 22% resource play production 2017E 2021E Within cash flows, inclusive of dividend 3 Excluding Libya
Marathon Oil Corp
February 2017

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