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Continental Unveils 2016 Budget, Rig Counts, Well Plans; Production Slowdown

The company details its capital budget as well as development plans including well count, rig count, spending by play and more.

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Top  Operators ( Jan 1, 2016 - Feb 11, 2016)

Newfield Exploration Co. ( 5 )   

American Energy Partners ( 4 )   

Citizen Energy II LLC ( 3 )   

Petroquest Energy Llc ( 3 )   

Hinkle Oil Gas Inc ( 2 )   

Tilford Pinson Exploration Llc ( 2 )

Eagle Energy Exploration Llc ( 1 )

Chaparral Energy, Inc ( 1 )

 Drilling Permits Trends ( Jan 2015 - Feb 2016)

Drilling Permits ( January 12, 2016 - February 11, 2016)
Date Approved Company county Lease Well# Well type Field/Zone
01-19-2016 Citizen Energy II LLC Grady Rosemary 3h-1-36 Woodford
01-19-2016 Citizen Energy II LLC Grady Rosemary 2h-1-36 Mississippian
01-19-2016 Gilliland Oil Gas Inc Grant Thomas 1-6 Mississippi Chat
01-19-2016 Petroquest Energy Llc Hughes Belva 2-22/27h Woodford
01-19-2016 Petroquest Energy Llc Hughes Belva 3-22/27h Woodford
01-19-2016 Newfield Exploration Co. Kingfisher Jade 1h-5x Woodford
01-19-2016 Newfield Exploration Co. Kingfisher Helen 1h-30x Woodford
01-19-2016 Newfield Exploration Co. Kingfisher Sandy 1h-34 Woodford
01-19-2016 Carrera Energy LLC Major Major 16 Swd 1 Douglas
01-14-2016 Eagle Energy Exploration Llc Grady Caroline 0906 6-1hw Woodford

Cana - Woodford Shale Overview

The Cana-Woodford, which is part of the greater Late Devonian/Early Mississippian-age Woodford formation in the Anadarko basin, is an overpressured reservoir with shales ranging from 100 to 300 ft thick. Cana Woodford shale play in Oklahoma (also known as Anadarko Woodford) Depth Ranges from 11,000 - 16,000 ft and Average Well Cost is about $8m.

To the east and south, the play turns into a condensate and then an oil window. This is a liquids dominated play, and…

 Cana - Woodford Shale Map

Latest Midstream Projects
Project Name Completion date Capacity (MBOPD)
Oklahoma Expansion Capacity  - -
Coastal Bend Header  - -
Carmen Gas Processing Plant  - -
Total   -
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  Cana - Woodford Shale - Mergers & Acquisitions

Announce DateHeadlineBuyerSellerValue $MMType
10/27/2014 Continental, SK Group Join Forces for $360MM Cana-Woodford JV $360 JV
08/26/2014 Cimarex to Shed Various Properties in the Mid-Continent, Gulf Coast $84 Property
05/06/2014 QEP to Sell Three Assets in Mid-Continent, Williston Basin $807 Property
05/06/2014 Devon Acquires Woodford Acreage Alongside Cimarex $249 Acreage
04/22/2013 BNK Finalizes Woodford Sale with XTO Energy $148 Asset
04/01/2013 Gastar Picks Up Chesapeake's MidContinent Assets $84 Asset
11/23/2011 KKR and Affiliates To Acquire Samson Investment For $7.2 Billion $7,200 M&A

Cana - Woodford Shale Transactions By Month ($MM)

Cana Woodford - Well / Rigs Count and Ratio