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(1) (2) (1) Includes Upper Eagle Ford and Austin Chalk locations; operated gross risked locations (2) PV10 positive breakeven price assuming 3 gas price 2016 ANALYST DAY WELCOME AND COMPANY OVERVIEW 15
Chesapeake Energy Corp
October 2016

Stone is Focused in Lowest (Non-OPEC) Cost of Supply Basins Achieving Milestones 6.00 NYMEX Breakdown for 15% ATAX IRR Stone focus areas Gas Supply Cost 5.00 H 4.00 a y F n 3.00 N a B e Stone i y a s G e r v o r t 2.00 a b t n i P n r e e l e r i a v t l NE dry t r i t e 1.00 SW rich m Eagle Ford e l Marcellus i Marcellus a a W l Utica n e - -5.6 -2.8 0.0 2.8 5.6 8.4 11.2 14.0 16.8 19.6 Source: Credit Suisse Cumulative Production Growth 2013-2020(Bcfd) Utica Marcellus 140 Oil Supply Cost 120 D u N i Oil Sands US/bbl (Brent) 100 v o e (Mining) Stone A r b r Ul Bone Bakken Wolfcamp 80 ta Eagle Spring n a a r Oil Sands is Ford C a SAGD ck y a 60 M r GOM a a U o n d Lwr S t n i Tert 40 e u y m D W 20 Gulf of Mexico 0 0 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 60,000 70,000 80,000 Source: Wood Mackenzie Commercial oil and condensate reserves undrilled locations and future project only (mmbbl) 3
Stone Energy Corp.
November 2015

High Quality Inventory 5,156 Total Drilling Locations Break-even <40 BBl Wolfcamp: 2,682 Eagle Ford: 650 Altamont: 918 Total 4,250 Break-even 40-55 Bbl1 Up from previous total of 4,098 Break-even 55 Bbl2 80% of drilling inventory economic below 40/Bbl 1 Locations include; 325 Altamont, 255 Wolfcamp and 244 Eagle Ford 4 2 Locations include 82 Altamont
EP Energy Corp
February 2017

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