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SUSSEX SANDSTONE HIGHLY ECONOMIC OIL PLAY Moving to development Dominant position in the play Teapot 200 undrilled locations Parkman E, A, B/C & Deep Assumes 1,320' spacing Overpressured high deliverability Surrey Targeted development Sussex EUR: 825 1,350 mboe ROR: 50 70% (1) Niobrara 2017 focused drilling program Production Mix Turner Frontier 35% Mowry 53% (2) Oil breakeven price 12% <40 Oil NGL Natual Gas (1) Assumes 3 gas and 60 oil prices flat (2) PV10 positive breakeven price assuming 3 gas price 2016 ANALYST DAY POWDER RIVER BASIN 7
Chesapeake Energy Corp
October 2016

Niobrara Formation Type Curve Economics Type Curve Core/Tier 1 Total Well Cost 2.2 MM Gross 289 Mboe EUR Oil Only 217 Mbo Net 243 Mboe F&D Cost 9.05 / Boe IRR 146% 75 Oil NPV 3.2 MM IRR 103% IRR 65 Oil NPV 2.3 MM & IRR 46% NPV (2) 55 Oil NPV 1.4 MM IRR 21% 45 Oil NPV 0.6 MM NYMEX NPV10 Breakeven 39.25 (1) Economics based on NYMEX prices and include Daily Production, BOPD Cum Production, MBO 2/Bbl deduct for oil, 3.00/Mcf NYMEX gas, NGL pricing 19% of NYMEX oil price. (2) Total well cost includes 315K for allocated infrastructure and artificial lift. 20 CRZO
Carrizo Oil & Gas Inc.
February 2017

3 Maintain U.S. Barge Business for Recovery GOM inland water market Break Even Oil Price Comparison, in /bbl remains attractive 250 Low breakeven oil price 200 Low idle rig costs 150 100 Solid historical results 2014 Gross Margin: 68mm 50 2014 Utilization: 72% - Niobrara Permian Eagle Ford Eagle Ford Near-Shore Conventional US Shallow (Single Well) US Deepwater (Single Well) (Single Well) US Onshore US Base (Opex) Louisiana Shale Permian West Bakken SCOOP East Utica Strong operating leverage to recovery Break Even Range Average Source: IHS 2015 IHS Note: Comparative economics based on NPV=0 at IRR= 15%; 2014 cost base 12
Parker Drilling Co.
September 2016

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