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Niobrara Formation Type Curve Economics Type Curve Core/Tier 1 Total Well Cost 2.2 MM Gross 289 Mboe EUR Oil Only 217 Mbo Net 243 Mboe F&D Cost 9.05 / Boe IRR 146% 75 Oil NPV 3.2 MM IRR 103% IRR 65 Oil NPV 2.3 MM & IRR 46% NPV (1) 55 Oil NPV 1.4 MM IRR 21% 45 Oil NPV 0.6 MM NYMEX NPV10 Breakeven 39.25 (1) Economics based on NYMEX prices and include Daily Production, BOPD Cum Production, MBO 2/Bbl deduct for oil, 3.00/Mcf NYMEX gas, NGL pricing 19% of NYMEX oil price. (2) Total well cost includes 315K for allocated infrastructure and artificial lift. 24 CRZO
Carrizo Oil & Gas Inc.
June 2017

Core Wattenberg Kersey Area Performance Tracking Updated Type Curves Type Well Profile Comparison(1) LDS Project (MRL) AD2016 SRL Type Curve AD2017 MRL Type Curve Pad Average (Older Style Completion) 490 MBoePre-Trade SRL Type Curve Post-Trade Pad Average 800 MBoe MRL Type Curve 1,100 MBoe XRL Type Curve * 1Q17 Activity 29 spuds (4 SRL/11 MRL/14 XRL) 40 TILs (13 SRL/14 MRL/13 XRL) Plan to test 100 - 140 stage spacing on select pads Connie-Bihain Project (XRL) AD2017 XRL Type Curve * Chestnut pad (SLR w/ 170 Pad Average completion spacing) early results outperforming 490 MBoe type curve (1) Lateral feet assumptions: SRL 4,200; MRL 6,900; XRL 9,500 12 06/09/2017
PDC Energy, Inc.
June 2017

First SandRidge Niobrara C Bench Lateral Hebron 4-18H cumulative oil production exceeds type curve by 32% 539 Boepd (92% oil) 30-Day IP DAILY OIL RATE CUMULATIVE OIL Jet Pump Installed 13
Sandridge Energy, Inc.
May 2017

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