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Pearsall Shale Overview

What is the Pearsall Shale?

The Pearsall Shale is located about 2500' beneath the Eagle Ford Shale. Composed of interbedded organic shale, silica and limestone, the Pearsall Shale is similar in composition to the Eagle Ford Shale. The Lower Cretaceous Aptian Pearsall Formation occurs in the northern Gulf of Mexico Basin where thermal maturity varies from overmature in the Maverick Basin of south Texas to immature to peak oil window in the north-central and eastern parts…

Pearsall Shale Map

Pearsall Shale Strats, Maps, Type Logs and More
Pearsall Shale Map
Pearsall Shale Map
Eagle Ford Shale Strat Column
Pearsall Shale Map
Pearsall Shale Map Zones
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