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SCOOP - Completion Case Study Key Points Normalized 7,500 30-Day IP (MMcf/d) 21.2 Castle 1-35H was completed March 2015 with Gen 1B design on 4,661 ft. lateral 13.8 Anita Fowler 1-27X26H was completed in July 2016 with a Gen 4B design on all stages Anita Fowler well delivered 54% improvement in IP30 with an additional 500 psi in flowing casing pressure Castle 1-35H Anita Fowler 1-27X26H Locator Map Proppant (Lbs / ft) 1,509 813 LEGEND Acreage Castle 1-35H Anita Fowler 1-27X26H Woodford Oil Woodford Condensate Woodford Wet Gas Woodford Dry Gas 32
Gulfport Energy Corp.
May 2017

Leon Gundy Pilot Results Meramec Wells Cum Production 1,800 Mcfe Stacked/Staggered Pilot Eight total wells 1,500 Four Meramec wells 1,200 Osage Stacked/staggered spacing 900 Testing 10 wells per section Four Woodford wells 600 Testing nine wells per section 300 0 0 50 100 150 200 250 Lower Meramec Middle Meramec Average Parent Meramec Woodford 23
Cimarex Energy Co.
May 2017

Oklahoma Progressing Strategic Objectives Focused on delineation, leasehold and infill pilots Yost Meramec Infill Pilot Cum Production Production averaged 44 net MBOED; 100 EXTERNAL BO SL Oil SL Type TC Curve down 2% from 4Q 2016 (Normalized to 5,000 ft LL) YOST YostINFILL Infill (INC PARENT) 3-stream MBOE 75 12 gross operated wells to sales 50 Yost infill pilot average IP 30 rates of 990 BOED (57% oil); 4,650 average LL 25 Increasing activity to 11 rigs in 2Q 0 30 60 90 120 18 to 22 gross operated wells to sales Days Yost Infill Pilot Cross Section Upcoming downspacing pilots: Hansens black oil SL infill to sales in 2Q; 7 wells staggered at 91-acre spacing Existing Meramec well Tan volatile oil XL infill to spud in 2Q; 9 wells New Upper staggered at 71-acre spacing Meramec well New Lower 2 volatile oil XL wells online early 2Q with Meramec well IP 24 rates exceeding 1,500 BOED (69% oil) OSAGE 10
Marathon Oil Corp
May 2017

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