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ALPINE HIGH WET GAS WELLS Comparison To SCOOP/STACK 100.000 10 10 ?BLACK N WK STATE ?FOX STATE *101 ?MO NT BLANC H ?MO MT BLANC #202A H ?WEISSMIESUN A Source: IDer1ic/ ?rd Drilirg Info. Note: Gross w e\" 4Jdche Alpine High vs. SCOOP/STACK Alpine Highto Ave Latera I Len Eth 4,400 v: Well Costs $5.0 SCOOP \'STACK 6,100 $9.5 Average future development scenario well. SCOOP/STACK zone Map 100 Cumulative Gas Production, ? BLACK NAWX ST MONT BLANC *ID3CH MONT BLANC 4203CH ? MO INT MMcf ?CHINOOK ?MONT BLANC ?MONT BLANC *201AH ?WEISWIES*IH MO cru HINTER #102CH

Apache Corp
October 2017

NEMAHA PROJECT 2017 RESULTS DUG Midcontinent Conference - September 21, 2017 13
Longfellow Energy Lp
September 2017

One Petroleum System N REGIONAL STACK CROSS SECTION 60 MILES S STACK Attributes STACK MERGE Stacked reservoirs proximal to the world-class Woodford GARFIELD COUNTY KINGFISHER COUNTY CANADIAN COUNTY GRADY COUNTY source rock Efficient hydrocarbon stratigraphic trap creates a continuous petroleum system Areas where a thick Woodford is adjacent to the 180 OSWEGO 110 horizontal targets enhances hydrocarbon charge Economic success realized throughout hydrocarbon column MERGE represents intersection of historical Datum Break SCOOP/STACK play outlines Play attributes are identical only rock thickness and GOR vary MERAMEC N 700 OSAGE STACK 350 MERGE S WOODFORD SOURCE 11
Chaparral Energy, Inc
September 2017

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