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Top Uinta Basin Play Operators By Rig Count/Locations

Operator Current Week Previous Week Change Q4-2016
Crescent Point Energy Corp. 3 3 ---
EP Energy Corp 2 2 ---
Subscribe to See 1 1 --- 1
Subscribe to See 1 +1

Top Uinta Basin Play County By Rig Count/Locations

County Current Week Previous Week Change Q4-2016
UINTAH 5 5 --- 2
DUCHESNE 2 3 -1 2

Disclosed Uinta Basin Play 2018 Budgets & Drilling Plans

Ep Energy Corp Wells Completed in 2018
Crescent Point Energy Corp. Wells Drilled in 2018

 Uinta Basin Play Top Operators
Company    2018(YTD)
Newfield Exploration Co.    2
Crescent Point Energy Corp.    1
Ultra Petroleum Corp.    1

   Drilling Permits Trends ( Jan 2015 - Mar 2018)

Uinta Basin Play - Drilling Permits ( February 22, 2018 - March 24, 2018)
Date Approved county Well Name Well type Well Bore Type Field/Zone Well Status
Ultra Petroleum Corp.
03-16-2018 Uintah Three Rivers 34-22t-720 Oil new (horizontal well) Three Rivers / Not Reported Test Undrilled
EP Energy Corp
03-16-2018 Duchesne Lake Fork Ranch 1-36b4 Oil new (vertical well) Altamont / Not Reported Test Undrilled
02-27-2018 Uintah Ute Tribal 2-26a1 Oil Directional Bluebell Drilling-completed
02-27-2018 Duchesne Ochenta 4-31b4 Oil Directional Altamont Drilling-completed
Newfield Exploration Co.
03-05-2018 Duchesne Pekepovits Ut 1-14 4-3-12-1-67h Oil new (horizontal well) Undesignated / Not Reported Test Undrilled
03-05-2018 Duchesne Pekepovits Ut 1-14 4-3-11-2-41h Oil new (horizontal well) Undesignated / Not Reported Test Undrilled
03-15-2018 Uintah Cox 14-31-30-3-1e-h1 Oil Horizontal Randlett Drilling-completed
02-27-2018 Uintah Merrit 1.5-18-31-1e-ub Drilling-completed
03-06-2018 Uintah Pelican 23-1a-7-20 Oil Directional Brennan Bottom Drilling-completed
02-24-2018 Uintah Pelican 14-13a-7-20 Oil Directional Brennan Bottom Drilling-completed

  Uinta Basin Play - Drilling Activity (2016 - 2018 YTD)

 Uinta Basin Play - Well Completion Trend

Completions By
Enervest Ltd. 1
Completions By
Carbon 1

 Uinta Basin Play Map

 Uinta Basin Play Rig Data : March 24, 2018

Drilling Trends from May 4, 2011 - March 24, 2018

 Uinta Basin Play Overview

What is the Uinta Basin?

The Uinta Basin, located in northeastern Utah, has produced 577 MMbbls since itsdiscovery in 1949 and is characterized by naturally fractured, tight oil sands with multiple zones. Ouroperations are primarily focused on developing the Altamont Field (including the Bluebell and CedarRim fields), which is the largest field in the basin.

The Uintah Basin, also spelled Uinta Basin, is a physiographic section of the larger Colorado Plateaus province, which, in turn, is part of the larger Intermontane Plateaus physiographic division.[1] It is also a geologic structural…

  Uinta Basin Play Transactions By Quarter ($MM)