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Uinta Basin: Proved Horizontal Success in the Castle Peak Zone Corporate Presentation Current Castle Peak 1-Mile Horizontal Well Costs 5,200 and Development Phase Cost Reductions 5,000 5,000 Proven Castle Peak development, with 25 horizontal 4,800 150 Drilling Cost wells drilled to date in this zone Reduction 150 000s 4,600 50 4,400 150 150 Completions Cost Reduction Extending horizontal lateral length up to 2-miles 50 4,200 4,200 100 4,000 Facility Cost Expect to improve cost structure and efficiencies Reduction (i.e. reduced drilling days, pad drilling, frac optimization) 3,800 Reduced geo Current well cost Multi-well pads phase well cost Reduced drill Water transfer Frac optimization Multi -well pads produced water MWD tools Development days to 16 for drilling Frac with facilities lines Type Well (1-mile) Castle Peak Zone Crescent Point Energy Castle Peak 50 WTI Castle Peak 55 WTI Reserves IP 30 Rate IP 90 Rate Well Cost (mboe) (boe/d) (boe/d) (MM) NPV 10% IRR Payout NPV 10% IRR Payout (MM) (%) (months) (MM) (%) (months) 380 620 650 5.0 2.2 58 13 3.1 83 11 Well cost and NPV are in USD 9
Crescent Point Energy Corp.
December 2017

Page 17 Pair well performance Supports pad drilling Well pair results v. updated type curve 1 Well pair results outperforming updated type curve Boucher/Uinta, Renegade and Pipeworks pairs are more than 34% above updated type curve on a cumulative production basis after 90 days 1. Pipeworks B05H is a Wolfcamp B completion
Resolute Energy Corp
September 2017

UINTA BASIN RED WASH LOWER MESAVERDE OPERATIONAL UPDATE New pad of eight directionallydrilled vertical wells targeting Lower Mesaverde completed in 1Q 2016 Wells achieved a combined peak 24hour IP rate of 29.1 MMcfed Combined gross cumulative production of 0.6 Bcfe after 29 days online Continued strong performance from the two horizontal wells targeting the Lower Mesaverde turned to sales in the second half of 2015 Wells continue to be among the top horizontal producers in the Lower Mesaverde play Each well surpassed 1.0 Bcfe of gross cumulative production in the first 200 days of production 21
QEP Resources, Inc.
May 2016

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