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Eaglebine/Woodbine Overview

What is the Eaglebine?

The Eaglebine is a large emerging oil play in the East Texas Basin (current drilling is most active in the area about 100 miles northwest of Houston). The play is focused on the thick, organically rich section located below the Austin Chalk formation and above the Buda formation that combines the lower laminated Eagle Ford shale and the Woodbine group (hence the name: the Eaglebine).

Optimum depths are between 7,500 ft. and 13,500 ft. The remarkable thickness of the interval (which reaches 1,000 ft.), high total organic content (4-12%) and high silica content (~40%) of the shale zone provide a favorable geological setting for a high-potential resource play that may be unlocked with horizontal frac technology.

Lower Cretaceous zones below the Eaglebine -- the Buda, Georgetown, Edwards and Glen Rose -- are also known to have significant oil potential in the area, and represent another intriguing oil play in its own right.

Woodbine Shale
Source : Zaza Energy - Finding The Eaglebine Enlarge Image

Eaglebine / Woodbine Shale

Source : Zaza Energy Finding The Eaglebine   Enlarge Image

According to Zaza, the map below represents the outline of the Woodbine Sands, Eaglebine Play and the Eagleford Shale

Eaglebine / Woodbine Map

Eaglebine/Woodbine Geology

Vertical Depth:7,500 - 13,500
Well Information
Avg Well Cost:6
Avg-Lateral (ft):6300

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