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APA Corp. Hits Pay at Krabdagu Exploration Well Offshore Suriname

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   |    Monday,June 27,2022

APA Corp. announced flow test results from the Krabdagu exploration well (KBD-1) on Block 58 offshore Suriname.

APA Suriname holds a 50% working interest in the block, with TotalEnergies (TTE), the operator, also holding a 50% working interest.

Flow test data collected in the two lower intervals, the Upper Campanian and Lower Campanian, indicates oil-in-place resource of approximately 100 and 80 million barrels (MMbbls) respectively connected to the KBD-1 well.

  • Upper Campanian Zone Results: 32 meters (105 feet) of net oil pay, high quality reservoir with 400-500 millidarcy permeability, 35 degree API, and 2000-2300 scf/bbl GOR. The buildup test indicated connected resource of more than 100 MMbbls of oil-in-place.
  • Lower Campanian Zone Results: 32 meters (105 feet) of net oil pay, modest reservoir quality with 60-80 millidarcy permeability, 37 degree API, and 2500-2800 scf/bbl GOR. The buildup test indicated connected resource of more than 80 MMbbls of oil-in-place.

These tests were performed in the exploration well, and appraisal drilling will be necessary to confirm additional resource and optimal development well locations. The exploration well encountered another high quality, lower GOR interval in the Upper Campanian that was not in a location suitable for flow testing. This shallower Campanian zone will need to be flow tested in the appraisal stage from a more optimal location.

John J. Christmann IV, APA's CEO and president, said: "The results from the Krabdagu flow-test in the two lower intervals are in line with our expectations and provide data that accelerates our understanding of the field and will shape future activity. This includes identifying the optimal well locations that enable assessment of upside resource potential for each target. The connected resource demonstrated from the flow tests at Krabdagu combined with the results from Sapakara South, are a significant step forward in advancing a project in this area of Block 58."

The APA-TTE joint-venture is currently drilling the Dikkop exploration well in the central portion of Block 58 with the Maersk Valiant. Following completion of operations at Dikkop, the Valiant is expected to continue exploration and appraisal activities in the central portion of Block 58.

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