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InPlay Oil Corporation First Quarter 2023 Results

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   |    Wednesday,May 17,2023

InPlay Oil Corporation announced first quarter 2023 results.


  • Achieved average quarterly production of 9,020 boe/d(1) (58% light crude oil and NGLs), an increase of 21% on a debt adjusted per share basis compared to 8,221 boe/d(1) (59% light crude oil and NGLs) in the first quarter of 2022.
  • Generated strong quarterly adjusted funds flow (“AFF”)(2) of $21.3 million ($0.24 per weighted average basic share(3)).
  • Maintained balance sheet strength with a low net debt(2) to earnings before interest, taxes and depletion (“EBITDA”)(3) ratio of 0.4 on a trailing twelve month basis down from 1.0 in the first quarter of 2022.
  • Executed the most active quarter in the Company’s history drilling four (3.2 net) extended reach horizontal (“ERH”) wells in Willesden Green, two (2.0 net) ERH wells in Pembina and two (0.3 net) non-operated Willesden Green ERH wells. InPlay also started the upgrade of an operated gas facility in Willesden Green providing additional capacity. One (0.95 net) additional Willesden Green well which was planned for the second quarter was drilled in March and drilling operations began on another one (0.95 net) Willesden Green well in the first quarter.
  • Returned $4.4 million in the quarter directly to shareholders through $4.0 million in dividends and $0.4 million of share repurchases under the Company’s Normal Course Issuer Bid.
  • Realized net income of $9.3 million ($0.11 per basic share; $0.10 per diluted share).
  • Financial capability to deliver consistent returns to shareholders with the dividend supportable at a $55 WTI pricing environment until 2025.
InPlay Oil Corp. announces its financial and operating results for the three months ended March 31, 2023. InPlay’s condensed unaudited interim financial statements and notes, as well as Management’s Discussion and Analysis (“MD&A”) for the three months ended March 31, 2023 will be available at “” and our website at ““. Our corporate presentation will soon be available on our website.

First Quarter 2023 Financial & Operations Overview

InPlay’s capital program for the first quarter of 2023 was the Company’s most active quarter in our history. During the quarter, InPlay invested $29.6 million drilling, completing and equipping four (3.2 net) ERH wells in Willesden Green, two (2.0 net) ERH wells in Pembina and two (0.3 net) non-operated Willesden Green ERH wells. Completion operations on two wells were advanced into the quarter that were originally planned to occur in the second quarter to ensure these wells could be brought on production prior to spring breakup. InPlay also advanced the initiation of its second quarter capital program into the first quarter by drilling in Willesden Green an additional one (0.95 net) ERH well in March and beginning the drilling operations on another one (0.95 net) ERH well. During the quarter, the Company also started construction on the first of two planned natural gas facility upgrades in Willesden Green in 2023.

In one area of Pembina, as published in our March 15, 2023 press release, the Company had natural gas production curtailments beginning February 15th from a third party natural gas facility due to capacity constraints. This impacted production in the quarter by approximately 475 boe/d (68% natural gas). InPlay actively responded to mitigate the impact of this curtailment on revenue by shutting in wells with high gas weightings, maximizing oil production and AFF in the strong oil pricing environment. The impact of the constraints was also mitigated by the fact that due to expected weaker natural gas pricing in 2023, InPlay previously shifted 2023 drilling plans away from this prolific production area due to its higher gas weighted production, and its higher gas processing fees in comparison to our Willesden Green property.

In Willesden Green, two (1.6 net) ERH wells that were brought on production in early February had average initial production (“IP”) rates per well of 579 boe/d (73% light crude oil and NGLs) and 428 boe/d (70% light crude oil and NGLs) over their first 30 and 60 days respectively. The Company also brought on production another two (1.6 net) ERH Willesden Green wells in early March. The average IP rates for these wells was 722 boe/d (82% light crude oil and NGLs) and 564 boe/d (81% light crude oil and NGLs) per well over their first 30 and 60 days respectively. These four wells have delivered IP rates significantly above internal expectations and their high production rates led to increased back pressure in the area resulting in operated and non-operated curtailments of approximately 150 boe/d (57% light crude oil and NGLs) during the quarter due to temporarily backing out production from our older lower pressured offsetting wells. During April, InPlay completed the upgrade on the first of two natural gas processing facilities in the Willesden Green area which allowed curtailed production to be brought back online.

Production averaged 9,020 boe/d (58% light crude oil & NGLs) (1) in the first quarter of 2023 resulting in $21.3 million of AFF. The impact on production due to the two above mentioned curtailments was approximately 625 boe/d (48% light crude oil & NGLs) in the first quarter of 2023. During the quarter, InPlay increased light oil and NGLs weighting by approximately 1.5% over the fourth quarter of 2022, and this weighting is expected to continue to increase as the Company is focused on drilling in areas with higher oil weightings.

Outlook and Operations Update(5)

InPlay continues to be excited about 2023 as our drilling continues to outperform our expectations including the two oil focused wells drilled in Pembina in the first quarter and brought on production in April. The two (2.0 net) ERH wells had average IP rates over their first 25 days of 307 boe/d (89% light crude oil and NGLs) per well, exceeding our internal forecasts with a strong oil and liquids weighting. These wells are expected to remain at an elevated oil weighting and flat for a few months as we continue to see strong pressures, decreasing water cuts and the artificial lift equipment is operating at maximum pumping capacity.

Capital activity planned for the second quarter will include completing and bringing on production three (2.9 net) ERH wells in Willesden Green which commenced drilling in March and finished in April. These wells are expected to be completed in late May and brought on production in early June. Continued work on our second significant upgrade to an operated natural gas plant in Willesden Green is also planned for the quarter. This upgrade is expected to be online in the second half of July and provides InPlay with considerable increased operated natural gas capacity to facilitate continued development and growth in Willesden Green in the current and future years. Drilling activity is expected to resume in late June or early July but overall capital spending in the second quarter is expected to be significantly lower than the first quarter providing strong free adjusted funds flow(3).

A three week turnaround at the Company’s largest non-operated midstream natural gas facility is expected to occur in June. InPlay proactively secured capacity at alternative facilities for a significant amount of impacted gas production and the production of oil and NGLs in the second quarter of 2023 is not expected to be materially affected.

InPlay responded quickly and effectively to address the production curtailments impacting the Company in the first quarter. Natural decline of InPlay and other operators’ production in Pembina continues to reduce the impact of curtailed production, which is currently estimated at 825 boe/d (68% natural gas), compared to the 950 boe/d (68% natural gas) impact during the last half of the first quarter. We expect natural declines will continue to reduce the impact of curtailed production through the summer and alternative options to bring the remaining curtailed production fully back online are currently being evaluated. The Company anticipates all curtailed production to be back online early in the fourth quarter of 2023 which will be sold into the much higher future winter natural gas prices.

Strong fundamentals have InPlay continuing to focus on high oil weighted properties as we have a much more favorable outlook for oil prices versus natural gas prices, specifically in the second half of 2023. This focus is due to light oil and NGLs representing an estimated 86% of our overall forecasted corporate revenue in 2023. The 2023 capital program will remain flexible and the Company will revisit this program should commodity prices continue to remain volatile.

Similar to other operators, InPlay has had production in the Pembina region affected by the recent wildfires in Alberta. Our first priority was ensuring the safety of our employees, contractors, the community and our infrastructure, which to date has been accomplished. The Company started shutting in production and facilities late on May 4th and had concluded shutting in all affected wells and facilities by late in the day on May 5th. Affected production shut in peaked at approximately 3,400 boe/d (52% light oil and liquids). Since the weekend the fire hazard has somewhat diminished in the area. Production has started to be brought back on over the past few days and we will continue to restart the remaining production down as services allow. We will continue to monitor the hazards and act accordingly. The Company thanks its field employees for their diligent and quick action in safely shutting in operations.

Strong results from our 2023 drilling program to date has InPlay reiterating our previous production guidance of 9,500 – 10,500 boe/d(1). However, given the curtailments experienced to date in 2023 and their expected impact over the next few quarters, the Company is forecasting 2023 average production to be within the lower half of this guidance at 9,500 – 10,000 boe/d(1) but at the higher end of our light crude oil and NGLs weighting guidance at 59% – 61%.

The Company continues to expect near term volatility in commodity prices, specifically natural gas prices, but with the United States refined product inventory levels at five year lows, oil inventory at the five year average and refineries starting back up after maintenance downtime, we anticipate the second half of 2023 to have higher oil prices. The Company’s downside exposure to lower forward summer 2023 natural gas prices are protected with hedges put in place of 12,500 GJ/day swaps at $3.73 AECO per GJ for April to October 2023. InPlay forecasts 2023 AFF(2) of $117 to $123 million with FAFF(3) of $37 to $48 million. The Company’s leverage metrics are forecasted to remain at very low levels, with net debt to EBITDA(3) forecast to be 0.0x – 0.2x for 2023.

The Company continues to remain focused on providing strong returns to shareholders through the payment of our monthly dividend of $0.015/share (which is expected to be only 13%-14% of forecasted 2023 AFF), timely share repurchases under our normal course issuer bid and top-tier production per debt adjusted share growth. The Company’s strong debt position, disciplined and adaptable capital allocation, and high quality asset base provides InPlay with a competitive advantage to continue to provide strong returns to shareholders in a volatile commodity pricing environment. The Company forecasts our base monthly dividend to be sustainable in a scenario where WTI dropped to US $55/bbl through to the end of 2025.

On behalf of our employees, management team and Board of Directors, we would like to thank our shareholders for their support and look forward to updating you on our progress throughout the year.


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