Credit Facility Change

Range Resources Renews, Extends Credit Facility

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   |    Monday,April 16,2018

Range Resources has renewed and extended its credit facility.

The new five-year agreement has a maximum facility size of $4 billion and maintains a borrowing base of $3 billion with $2 billion in commitments.






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Key Slides found in this Presentation
Capital & Finance
        Debt Maturity Schedule
        Net Debt
        Operating Costs (LOE)
        F&D Costs / RRC
        Well Economics
        Rates of Return/ IRR
        Capital Expenditures
Data & Charts
        Decline Curve
        Type Curve
        Bar Chart
Land & Legal
        Acreage & Land
        Portfolio Map
        All Maps
        Areas of Operations
        Leasehold Map
        GIP / GOR Map
        Pipelines & Facilities
Portfolio & Operations
        Production Forecast
        Production Rates
        Corporate Production Rates
        Key Wells & Discoveries
        IP Rates
        Cumulative Production
Well Information
        Well Results/Performance
        Well Cost
        Well EUR
        Well Lateral Length


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