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Cline Shale >> Overview

Cline Shale Overview

What is the Cline Shale?

The Cline Shale an emerging unconventional resource play on the eastern flank of the Midland basin that runs 140 miles north to south and is 70 miles wide. It includes portions of Coke, Fisher, Glasscock, Howard, Irion, Nolan, Mitchell, Scurry and Sterling counties. 

The Pennsylvanian-age play, which is largely targeted for its oil and natural gas liquids (NGL) potential, is found between 9,000-9,500 feet and is 200-350 feet thick. Initial estimates indicate the Cline holds more that 30 billion barrels of recoverable oil, exceeding both the Bakken Shale in North Dakota and Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas.

Porosity ranges fall between 5.0-12.0%, according to Laredo Petroleum.  The Cline Shale compares favorably to the Upper, Lower and Middle Wolfcamp.  The Permian-Cline subplay is the lowest member in the Midland Basin's Wolfcamp resource play, located in the "D" bench, according to Pioneer's Scott Sheffield.

The industry estimates for Cline Shale wells are D+C costs greater than $7.0 million,

During a call with Analysts Approach Resources, Qingming Yang described the Cline Shale as "the entire interval, top of the Strawn to basically Wolfcamp D".

Oingming continued, "As you know, right now in the industry there are two school of thoughts. One school is thinking the Cline shale is basically the Wolfcamp B, equivalent to Wolfcamp D, the lower part of Wolfcamp. The other school of thought is the Cline shale is between, top of Strawn and also below the Canyon. That shale interval below Canyon, and really if you look at the entire section here and there is a shale interval in both places. When we drill through our vertical wells, through those sections, we have same shales in both areas, in Wolfcamp D and also in the shale section between the Strawn and also Canyon. And the shale intervals are there, and I think it’s a just a nomenclature and it’s just depending on which company you’re talking to, what they refer to as Cline shale.”

Cline Shale Operator Map

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Cline Shale Map

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Cline Shale Well Results - Jan 2014

Source : Pioneer Natral Resources, Shale Experts

Source : Range Resources , Shale Experts