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Mississippi Lime >> Overview

Mississippi Lime Overview

What is the Mississippi Lime?

The Mississippi Lime is emerging as one of the top new horizontal plays in the United States. Initially a vertical play, interests in horizontal techniques have increased in the area. Production varies significantly from one operator to the next. Well design is the biggest variable, but we need more results to give consistent averages.

Mississippian Lime Type Log

Source : Midstates Petroleum / Petroleum


Source : Sandridge Energy Via ShaleExperts/Presentation Manager


Mississippian Lime Regional Geology

Source : Midstates Petroleum / Petroleum


Mississippian Lime Type Log

Source : Midstates Petroleum / Petroleum

Mississippi Lime horizontal well costs are between $2.4 and $3.5 million. Well design varies from 2,500 to 6,000 foot laterals utilizing 6 to 20 frac stages. Horizontal EURs run from 300 to 500 MBoe. This technique produces a much higher percentage of natural gas, as an average well will produce from 211,000 to 300,000 barrels of oil.

According to IHS, the Mississippi Lime contains approximately 49% of the recoverable reserves. The reservoir rock in the Mississippi Lime is of Mississippian-aged carbonate limestone. The lower pressure in the Lime translates to lower EURs per well, but those wells will also cost less, as lower horsepower rigs can be used to drill the shallower wells.


 Mississippi Lime Cross Section Map


Mississippi Lime covers 17 million acres, and conventional wells have produced for decades from this source rock. Over 1,200 vertical wells were drilled with an average EUR of 40 MBo.  Vertical well costs are approximately $0.6 million using a two stage frac, with updated EURs of 60 MBoe to 100 MBoe. It is a shallow play with a true vertical depth of 6,000 feet.

Mississippian Frac Design will vary by company.