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"The best way to predict future trends is to follow permits"
"With the advent of pad-drilling, the day of using rigs to determine oilfield health is fast coming to its end"

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1. to search for a company, just type the name of the company in the company/operator box and hit "search wells"

2. How to find "granite wash" or "eagle ford permites".
a. Enter "granite" in the "field" box and hit "Search wells"

b. To find permits for the eagle ford, enter eagle in the "field" box and select "Texas" from the state box and hit "Search Wells"

3. Visiting a city and want to see who is active there? Enter the city name in the "city" box and hit "Search Wells"

4. Looking for activity in the Bakken? Select "Williston Basin" from the "Basin" drop down and hit "Search Wells"