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Why STACK About Us Leading U.S. Shale Economics Top Tier Single Well Economics 60 IRR 10% IRR 15% One of the lowest PV-10 Breakeven in Lower 48 (32/bb) WTI Breakeven Price 50 40 30 20 10 - Have Sustained Basin Activity and Growth 400 120 HZ SCOOP / STACK Production (Mboe/d) WTI Price Lower commodity prices & Investment ramp-up 350 100 300 80 250 200 60 150 40 100 20 50 Avg. annual HZ wells drilled: 140 Avg. annual HZ wells drilled: 320 TSXV: JCO - 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 - OTC: JROOF 1 2 Raymond James Equity Research, 2016; assumes flat 3.00 / mcf. WTI price required to generate 10% and 15% IRRs IHS; January 2011 December 2016, includes all WDFD, MRMC, OSAGE and excludes Cana Proper WDFD 14 For discussion purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell Past performance is not indicative of future results Actual production may not be as projected
Jericho Oil Corp
January 2019

ATAX IRR 20% 40% 60% 80% 0% 100% Woodenhouse ** Ellerslie ** Frobisher/Alida Montney Eagle Ford Woodford Marcellus Eagle Ford Woodford Lloydminster Mannville Eagle Ford Ellerslie Condy Wasatch Unfracked Meramec SE Sask Bakken Frobisher/Alida Montney Montney Shaunavon Austin Chalk Midale Viking Provost Ratcliffe/ Bakken SW Sask Viking Duvernay Midale Turner Sand WY Sand Kakwa Turner Montney Upper Mannville Montney Bakken Permian Spirit River Permian Permian Spirit River Marcellus VET Viking Permian Upper Mannville Montney Permian Permian Midale Montney Montney Marcellus Permian ROBUST RETURNS AMONGST NORTH AMERICAN PROJECTS Spirit River SPE *** Eagle Ford SE Sask Fracd Midale Utica Permian Basin/West Central AB Ellerslie Liquids-Rich Gas Play IRR 120%. *** Spartan Energy assets acquired on May 28, 2018. Utica Permian Permian Woodford Permian Gething Montney Eagle Ford Cardium Cardium Oil/Liquids Torquay Cardium Duvernay Niobara Permian Cardium Woodford Permian Mannville Viking Gas PROJECT RANKING BY AFTER TAX (ATAX) IRR Utica Deep Basin Bakken SE Sask Torquay Dunvegan Cardium Permian Eagle Ford NORTH AMERICAN PROJECT RANKING Montney Permian Montney Cotton Valley Codell Barnett Shale Duvernay Marcellus Woodford Mississippian Lime * Scotia Capital research, April 2018. Price assumptions: WTI US60/bbl, HH Natural Gas US3.50/mcf, AECO 3.15/mcf, USD/CAD 0.825. ** Woodenhouse Heavy Oil Play IRR 299%; Deep Bakken Cleveland SAGD - Heavy Oil Bakken Swan Hills Bakken Bakken Duvernay Haynesville Permian Eagle Ford SAGD - Oil Sands Fayetteville Marcellus Granite Wash Permian 73
Vermilion Energy Inc.
September 2018

Breakeven (PV10, 20:1 WTI:HH Ratio) 20 40 60 80 0 100 120 TMS /BBL Stella Kraken Mariner Western Isles Barnett Arkoma Woodford Granite Wash Fayetteville Uinta Basin Mississippi Lime Libra Big Foot Utica Upper Devonian Gulf Coast Atlanta-Oliva Piceance Basin Jack/St Malo Perdido Shenandoah Martin Linge Ivar Aasen Amoca Offshore Guyana: Anchor Stampede Cascade/Chinook North Park Basin OCTP Offshore TEN Greater Green River Basin Appomattox Gina Krog Catcher North Platte Golden Eagle Sapinhoa Duvernay Lula Haynesville Jupiter Onshore Tonkawa Powder River Basin Cotton Valley Cleveland Edvard Grieg Johan Castberg Heidelberg Mad Dog 2 Montney Liza Bakken SK Bakken SCOOP Eaglebine Deep Basin Zama Cold Flow Heavy FAN Vito Solan Sepia Shaunavon STACK Marcellus Trion Lapa Eagle Ford Iara NW Shelf Itapu Stones San Juan Basin Lancaster RS Energy Analysis of 50 Top Offshore Developments & Shale Plays Carcara DJ Basin SNE Lucius Liza breakeven lowest of global offshore developments and shale plays CBP Johan Sverdup Buzios Viking Delaware Midland Buzzard Jubilee Source: RS Energy Group OFFSHORE FIRST CLASS The L.I.Z.A Framework (January 2018); onshore single well breakeven include facility and G&A costs and exclude acquisition costs. Liza Liza 13
Hess Corp
September 2018

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