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Highly Economic Mineral Portfolio RSEG Half Cycle Breakeven for Major North American Plays High breakeven and Low IRR Low breakeven and High IRR % of Brighams NRA(1) 10% 13% 14% 22% 28% 5% Greater than 90% of portfolio has weighted average break-even of 38 per bbl Source: RSEG. (1) Excludes net royalty interest owned in Carter and Love counties, Oklahoma (Extended Woodford play in Marietta and Ardmore Basins). Page 7 MNRL
Brigham Minerals Inc.
May 2019

RS 100 - 20 40 60 80 TMS Stella Kraken Mariner Western Isles Barnett Arkoma Woodford Granite Wash Fayetteville Uinta Basin Mississippi Lime Libra Big Foot Utica 120Energy Group; /bbl WTI Upper Devonian Gulf Coast Atlanta-Oliva Piceance Basin Jack/St Malo Perdido Shenandoah Martin Linge Ivar Aasen Amoca Anchor Stampede Cascade/Chinook North Park Basin Industry leading breakevens Liza OCTP TEN Greater Green River Basin Onshore Offshore Appomattox Guyana: Stabroek Block Gina Krog Catcher North Platte Golden Eagle Sapinhoa Duvernay Lula Haynesville Jupiter Tonkawa Powder River Basin Cotton Valley Cleveland Edvard Grieg Johan Castberg Heidelberg Mad Dog 2 Montney Bakken SK Bakken SCOOP Eaglebine Deep Basin Project Breakevens: 50 Top Offshore Developments & Shale Plays1 Zama Cold Flow Heavy FAN Vito Solan Sepia Shaunavon STACK Marcellus Trion Lapa Eagle Ford Iara NW Shelf Itapu (1) RS Energy Group OFFSHORE FIRST CLASS The L.I.Z.A Framework (January 2018); onshore single well breakeven include facility and G&A costs and exclude acquisition costs. Stones San Juan Basin Liza breakeven lowest of global offshore developments and shale plays Lancaster Carcara DJ Basin SNE Lucius CBP Johan Sverdup Buzios Viking Delaware Midland Buzzard Jubilee Liza offshore developments and shale plays Liza breakeven lowest of major global 14
Hess Corp
February 2019

US Shale Plays U.S. Shale Oil Breakeven Prices DJ Basin among the lowest breakeven prices Source: BofA Merrill Lynch Global Commodities Research 9
PetroShare Corp.
July 2016

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