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 Eaglebine/Woodbine Top Operators
Company    Last 12 Months
Hawkwood Energy Llc    29
Chesapeake Energy Corp    20
Vess Oil Corporation    4

   Drilling Permits Trends ( Last 24 Months)

Eaglebine/Woodbine - Drilling Permits ( June 06, 2020 - July 06, 2020)
Date Approved county Well Name Well type Well Bore Type Field/Zone Well Status
Carr Resources Inc.
06-08-2020 Austin Endurance 1h Gas Horizontal Giddings (austin Chalk, Gas) Undrilled

  Eaglebine/Woodbine - Drilling Activity (2016 - 2020 YTD)

 Eaglebine/Woodbine - Well Completion Trend

Completions By
Chesapeake Energy Corp 55
Hawkwood Energy Llc 10
Treadstone Energy Partners II LLC 9
Completions By
Burleson 57
Brazos 17
Washington 13

 Eaglebine/Woodbine Map

 Eaglebine/Woodbine Rig Data : July 6, 2020

Drilling Trends from May 4, 2011 - July 6, 2020

 Eaglebine/Woodbine Overview

What is the Eaglebine/Woodbine / East Texas Eagle Ford?

The Eaglebine is a large emerging oil play in the East Texas Basin (current drilling is most active in the area about 100 miles northwest of Houston). The play is focused on the thick, organically rich section located below the Austin Chalk formation and above the Buda formation that combines the lower laminated Eagle Ford shale and the Woodbine group (hence the name: the Eaglebine).

Optimum depths are between 7,500…

  Eaglebine/Woodbine Transactions By Quarter ($MM)