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Deep Basin Company Well Activity

Company Q3-2018 Q4-2018 Q1-2019 Q2-2019
Canadian Natural Resources (CNRL)
Tourmaline Oil Corp.
Tamarack Valley Energy Ltd.
Caltex Energy Inc
Gear Energy Ltd
Karve Energy Inc
Sifton Petroleum
Baytex Energy Corp.
Bonavista Energy Corp
Cequence Energy Ltd.
Peyto Exploration & Development Corp
Vermilion Energy Inc.
Husky Energy Inc.
Perpetual Energy Inc
Westbrick Energy Ltd.
Taqa North Usa, Inc.
Spur Resources Ltd

  Deep Basin | Drilling Activity (Q1-2018 to Q2-2020)

Completions By
Tourmaline Oil Corp. 59
Husky Energy Inc. 6
Jupiter Resources 4

 Completions Activity ( 01/01/2018 - 07/6/2020)

  Deep Basin Transactions By Quarter ($MM)