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Top Barnett Shale Operators By Rig Count/Locations
(as of 09/23/2020)

Operator Current Week Previous Week Change Change From Last Year
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Top Barnett Shale County By Rig Count/Locations
(as of 09/23/2020)

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 Barnett Shale Top Operators
Company    Last 12 Months
Total SA    27
Sage Natural Resources LLC    9
Stasney Well Service Llc    6

   Drilling Permits Trends ( Last 24 Months)

Barnett Shale - Drilling Permits ( August 24, 2020 - September 23, 2020)
Date Approved county Well Name Well type Well Bore Type Field/Zone Well Status
Legacy Exploration LLC
08-28-2020 Clay Ragin Cajun Unit 2h Oil & Gas Horizontal Dillard, Se. (conglomerate) Undrilled

  Barnett Shale - Drilling Activity (2016 - 2020 YTD)

 Barnett Shale - Well Completion Trend

Completions By
Devon Energy Corp 22
Fdl Operating, LLC 17
Total SA 17
Completions By
Tarrant 22
Johnson 20
Denton 18

 Barnett Shale Map

 Barnett Shale Rig Data : September 23, 2020

Drilling Trends from May 4, 2011 - September 23, 2020

 Barnett Shale Overview

The Barnett Shale is a hydrocarbon-producing geological formation of great economic significance to Texas. It consists of sedimentary rocks. The productive part of the formation is estimated to stretch from the city of Dallas west and south, covering 5,000 square miles (13,000 km²) and at least 18 counties.

Some experts say that the Barnett Shale is the largest onshore natural gas field in the United States. The field name for the productive portion of the Barnett Shale formation has been designated as the Newark, East Field by…

  Barnett Shale Transactions By Quarter ($MM)