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 Powder River Basin Top Operators
Company    Last 12 Months
EOG Resources, Inc.    26
Anschutz Exploration Corporation    24
Ballard Petroleum Holdings    18

   Drilling Permits Trends ( Last 24 Months)

Powder River Basin - Drilling Permits ( May 27, 2022 - June 26, 2022)
Date Approved county Well Name Well type Well Bore Type Field/Zone Well Status
Northwoods Energy LLC
06-14-2022 Converse Spruce 29w17-1nh Oil Horizontal Niobrara Undrilled
06-03-2022 Converse Spruce 29w17-2nh Oil Horizontal Niobrara Undrilled
Continental Resources, Inc.
06-07-2022 Campbell Hartzog Draw 2524n1h Oil Horizontal Undrilled
06-07-2022 Campbell Hartzog Draw 2524m1h Oil Horizontal Undrilled
06-07-2022 Converse Citra Fed 3773-1003 3fh Oil Horizontal Frontier-turner Undrilled
06-03-2022 Converse Nbrr 37n-73w-0310-1h Oil Horizontal Undrilled

  Powder River Basin - Drilling Activity (2016 - 2022 YTD)

 Powder River Basin - Well Completion Trend

Completions By
Anschutz Exploration Corporation 23
EOG Resources, Inc. 15
Continental Resources, Inc. 7
Completions By
Converse 37
Campbell 13
Johnson 1

 Powder River Basin Rig Data : June 26, 2022

Drilling Trends from May 4, 2011 - June 26, 2022

 Powder River Basin Overview

Where is the Powder River Basin?

Located in southeast Montana and northwest Wyoming, the Powder River Basin is a region known for its rich coalbed methane potential - which currently supplies approximately 40% of the United States' coal. While overall coal interest has been in decline, the Powder River Basin remains a relatively active target for certain operators.

While the Powder River Basin is unified geologically, residents of areas distant from the Powder River proper do not think of themselves as living in a single geographic region. For example, residents…

Latest Midstream Projects

Project Name Completion date Capacity (MBOPD)
Iron Horse Pipeline   - -
Total   -
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  Powder River Basin - Mergers & Acquisition

Announce Date Buyer Seller Title Value $MM
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11/30/2020 Contango Oil & Gas Co. Not Disclosed Contango to Acquire Oily Assets in Big Horn, PRB, Permian Basins $58
02/07/2019 Kimbell Royalty Partners LP Encap Investments Kimbell Picks Up Multi-Play Assets from EnCap in $151MM Deal $151
10/26/2018 Vermilion Energy Inc. Massif Oil & Gas Vermilion Acquires Powder River Property for $186 Million $186
10/17/2018 Cuda Oil & Gas Not Disclosed Cuda Bulks Up in the Powder River Basin; Acquires Non-Op Property ---
08/27/2018 Rebellion Energy, LLC Liberty Resources II LLC Rebellion Energy Acquires Powder River Basin Assets for $100MM $100
07/10/2018 Mid-Con Energy Partners Lp Not Disclosed Mid-Con Inks Deal for Powder River Basin Property $1
06/11/2018 Junex Inc.,Cuda Oil & Gas Not Disclosed Cuda Energy, Junex Acquire Powder River Basin Asset $37
05/09/2018 Not Disclosed Samson Resources II LLC Samson Resources II Sells/Swaps Powder River Basin Property $44

  Powder River Basin Transactions By Quarter ($MM)