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Focused Capital Allocation & High-Return Drilling Program Corporate Presentation 2018 Capital Allocation by Area 5% Focused: 95% of capital allocated to 3 core areas 20% 20% High-Return Drilling Program: 57% 20% Breakeven of US40/bbl WTI in 2018 and 5-year plan (NPV10%) 75% of net wells at US55/bbl WTI or 90% at current strip pricing, 55% pay out in <2 years (2018 program) 20% 75% of net wells pay out in <2 years at US55/bbl WTI (5-year plan) 2-year payout well (US55/bbl WTI) equates to an IRR of 40% Crescent Point Energy Williston Basin SW Saskatchewan Uinta Basin Other Based on US55/bbl WTI for 2018-2022. Current strip prices as at April 24, 2018 12 All numbers shown above are approximations
Crescent Point Energy Corp.
May 2018

Yes, We See the Elephant in the Room ISSUES & ANSWERS: Lackluster 4Q17 vs 4Q18 Anadarko Basin oil growth (7%) YOY oil growth up 20% 3Q18 pops in high BOE/high gas pads shift 4Q18 mix. Pads have 50-80% est. IRR1 10% reduction in working interest in 2H18 Plan self-funded through cash flow in 2H181 Anadarko Basin Growth Rate Accelerates in 2019 Production: 2018 up 25%; 2019 up 35% Oil up 25% YOY in 2018, 30% in 2019 Capital allocation to Anadarko Basin up 36% in 2019 vs 20183 Capital Allocation to Uinta and Williston basins 260 MM allocated to Rockies 130 MM in Uinta to HBP remaining acreage; minimal investments in 2019-203 130 MM in Williston includes 50 MM of outside-operated investments in 2018; 100 Mm of planned capital for both 2019 and 2020 STACK was under recent ATTACK NFX founded STACK and has drilled the most total wells and infill wells in the play 400 STACK operated wells are in our 3YR Plan We have participated in 80 STACK infill wells to date We increased our near-term type curve to 1.3 MMBOE Consistent well performance and execution 11
Newfield Exploration Co.
March 2018

Uinta Economics Single Well Economics IRR Sensitivity Reserve Size 120 150 200 MBO MBO MBO Well Cost Economics based on 1.7MM/well 1.9 12% 24% 40% (MM) 1.7 18% 33% 52% 1.5 29% 45% 70% Economics at 50/Bbl Realized Payout for a 150 MBO well at 1.7MM = 30 months Ultra Petroleum Corp. NASDAQ: UPL 28
Ultra Petroleum Corp.
September 2017

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