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Focusing on Basins with Strong Economics The sand segment sells product into oil and gas basins that have strong economics, even with the sharp decline in commodity prices over the past six months. WTI Oil Breakeven Price ( per Bbl) For 15% ATAX ROR 3.00/Bbl Natural Gas with Cost Deflation vs 2014 100.00 EMES Focus Plays 90.00 10% cost deflation 80.00 20% cost deflation 70.00 60.00 30% cost deflation 50.00 40.00 30.00 20.00 10.00 0.00 Source: Credit Suisse PAGE 11
Emerge Energy Services
September 2015

North American Crude Oil Play Comparison 22 Payout1 Breakeven Price2 Payout (Years) Breakeven (US/bbl) Sask. Bakken Hz. 2.1 Sask. Bakken Hz. 49.33 Viking Hz. Dodsland 2.3 Viking Hz. Dodsland 49.40 Eagle Ford Oil - East 2.6 Cardium Hz. Pembina E. 54.78 Eagle Ford Oil - West 3.9 Eagle Ford Oil - East 59.66 Cardium Hz. Pembina E. 4.3 North Dakota Bakken 61.75 Permian - Wolfcamp Delaware 5.0 Eagle Ford Oil - West 65.26 Permian - Wolfcamp Midland 5.0 Permian - Wolfberry 68.32 North Dakota Bakken 5.0 Permian - Wolfcamp Midland 69.23 Permian - Wolfberry 5.2 Permian - Wolfcamp Delaware 69.77 Permian - Bone Spring/Leonard 5.2 North Dakota Three Forks 70.20 Permian - Wolfbone 5.6 Permian - Bone Spring/Leonard 70.23 North Dakota Three Forks 7.4 Permian - Wolfbone 70.36 Source: Peters & Co. Limited Research. 1. Payout calculation is based on a US65.00 flat WTI price assumption. 2. Breakeven pricing based on WTI (US/bbl) and a 10% discount rate. Canadian breakeven pricing converted from Edmonton Par (C/bbl) to WTI (US/bbl) using a US6.50/bbl differential and exchange rate of 1.1958 (CAD/USD).
Teine Energy
June 2015

Click toAsset Click Unique edit to Master edit titletitle Structure style to Other Independents(3) style Relative Reserve life index(1) 1st year of decline rate by basin(2) Selected Companies(3) EOR Assets Non-EOR Assets DNR 20x 90% 18x 80% Inclining production 70% for several 16x years 60% before 14x initial 50% decline 12x 40% 10x 30% 8x 20% 6x 10% 4x 0% Yeso Three Forks/Sanish EOR - Mallalieu Bone Spring - NM EOR - Brookhaven EOR - Martinville EOR - Soso Mississippian Lime Bone Spring (3rd) - W TX Utica - Liquids Rich EOR - Little Creek Wolfcamp-Midland (HZ) Eagle Ford - Liquids Rich Niobrara - Wattenberg Wolfberry Granite Wash Liquids Rich 2x - x 2011 2012 2013 2014 (1) Reserve life index calculated as total proved oil equivalent reserves at prior-year end divided by total annual oil equivalent production. (2) Source: Credit Suisse analysis dated June 2014. (3) APA, APC, BBG, BEXP, BP, BRY, CFW, CHK, CLR, COG, CPE, CRK, CRZO, CVX, CXO, DNR, DVN, ECA, EOG, EQT, EXXI, FST, GMXR, GPOR, HES, HK, KOG, KWK, MCF, MMR, MRO, MUR, NBL, NFX, NOG, NXY, OXY, PDCE, PETD, PQ, PVA, PXD, PXP, REXX, ROSE, RRC, SD, SFY, SGY, SM, SWN, UNT, UPL, VQ, WLL, WTI, XCO, XEC, XOM and XTO. NYSE: DNR 17
Denbury Inc.
June 2015

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