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EOG Resources Returns EOG Premium Basins Most Stringent Investment Hurdle Rate in Industry: 60% Direct ATROR1,2 at Flat 40 Oil and 2.50 Natural Gas Bakken Capital Discipline Manage Investment at Appropriate Rate to Support Powder River Basin Continuous Improvement Across Multi-Basin Portfolio Wyoming DJ Basin Free Cash Flow Exceptional Balance Sheet with Commitment to Return Minimum 60% of Annual Free Cash Flow3 to Shareholders Sustainability Strong ESG Performance Track Record Delaware Basin Eagle Ford Culture Dorado Division Offices Decentralized Company Focused on Organic Exploration and Corporate Headquarters Technology Leadership (1) Direct ATROR calculated using flat commodity prices of 40 WTI oil, 2.50 Henry Hub natural gas and 16 NGLs. (2) See accompanying schedules for reconciliations and definitions of non-GAAP measures and other measures. (3) Cash provided by operating activities before changes in working capital less CAPEX. 2Q 2022 3
EOG Resources, Inc.
August 2022

Deep, High-Quality and Delineated Inventory Deep, High-Quality Eagle Ford Inventory 20 Years of high-quality inventory(8) 20-yr inventory, with upside(8) 10 yrs: est. well-level IRR 100% at 80 WTI(8)(9) 14 yrs: est. breakeven economics at 50 WTI(8)(10) or lower 750 Strong returns at strip pricing Identified Eagle Ford locations Track record of low-cost inventory growth Development optimization, well performance 200 enhancements, swaps / bolt-ons Est. locations in Upper Eagle Ford Active Peers in Region & Austin Chalk XOM, EOG, MRO, and other privates drilled 55 wells near ROCC in 2022 See definitions and footnotes in the appendix of this presentation. 8
Ranger Oil Corp.
August 2022

Webb County Austin Chalk Commentary Webb County Map Successfully completed six Austin Chalk tests and moving to multi-well development 46 locations remain to be developed at Rio Bravo, Fasken and La Mesa Most recent three wells delivered at an average cost of 1 RIO BRAVO STATE 201H 6.2 MM with an average completed length of 6,250 2 FASKEN STATE 201H 3 RIO BRAVO STATE 202H Consistent results at Rio Bravo and Fasken delivering 4 LA MESA RANCH 201H normalized IPs over 11 MMcf/d 5 LA MESA RANCH 202H 6 LA MESA RANCH 203H Economic Potential Daily Production(1) Drilling Locations 46 Type Curve EUR 15 Bcfe % Gas 100% Type Curve EUR / 1,000 ft 2.0 Bcfe Average Lateral Length 7,500 Average Gross Well Cost (MM) 7.0 NPV-10 (MM) 9.6 Average Type Curve IRR(2) (%) 100% Payout (Years) 0.95 (1) Normalized to 7,500 ft.; Early flowback/cleanup production not shown (first 7 days) (2) Pricing: 2022 95 6.00 35%; 2023 82.50 4.75 35%; 2024 74.50 4.50 35%; 2025 71.00 4.30 35% Corporate Presentation 16 8/16/2022
Silverbow Resources
August 2022

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