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Top  Operators In Fayette County, PA
(Last 12 Months)
Company Count
Inr Opr Llc 2
 Drilling Permits Trends ( Jan 2015 - Mar 2021 )

Drilling Permits : Fayette County

county Lease Well# Date Issued Depth Well type Field/Zone
Inr Opr LLC 3 Permits
Fayette Coastal 4h 09/22/2020 0 Horizontal Marcellus
Fayette Coastal 2h 09/22/2020 0 Horizontal Marcellus
Chevron Corp 10 Permits
Fayette Snapp Teslovich M07h 09/18/2019 0 Horizontal Marcellus
Fayette Snapp Teslovich M08h 09/18/2019 0 Horizontal Marcellus

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