Company Disclosed Net/ and or Gross Acres.

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TimeFram Source Date Area Value    Unit Value Details Source
Antero Resources
Q2-2016 02/24/2016 WV/PA Utica Shale Dry Gas : WV, PA 231,000 Net Acres Source
Q3-2017 08/09/2017 Ohio Utica Shale 181,000 Net Acres Source
Q1-2017 03/27/2017 Utica Shale 157,000 Net Acres Source
Q2-2016 06/10/2016 Ohio Utica Shale : OH 147,000 Net Acres Source
Carrizo Oil & Gas Inc.
Q2-2016 06/07/2016 Utica Shale : OH 26,300 Net Acres Source
Q1-2017 03/27/2017 Utica 25,900 Net Acres Source
Eclipse Resources Corp.
Ohio Utica Core : OH
Ohio Utica Core : OH
105,000 (Revised)
100,000 (Initial)
Net Acres
Net Acres

Total : $873,200 Acres
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