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 Woodford Shale Top Operators
Company    Last 12 Months
Ovintiv Inc    36
Continental Resources, Inc.    31
Hinkle Oil Gas Inc    29

   Drilling Permits Trends ( Last 24 Months)

Woodford Shale - Drilling Permits ( January 09, 2023 - February 08, 2023)
Date Approved county Well Name Well type Well Bore Type Field/Zone Well Status
Citation Oil & Gas Corp.
01-14-2023 Carter Omaha 1-33-28xhw Unknown Horizontal Undrilled
Corlena Oil Company III LLC
01-14-2023 Dewey Harriet 1h Unknown Horizontal Undrilled
Gulfport Energy Corp.
01-14-2023 Grady Fowler 5-09x16h Oil & Gas Horizontal Undrilled
01-14-2023 Grady Fowler 6-09x16h Oil & Gas Horizontal Undrilled
01-14-2023 Kingfisher Lincoln Southeast Oswego Unit 45 4ho Oil & Gas Horizontal Undrilled
01-14-2023 Stephens Biffle 22-15 S2h Oil & Gas Horizontal Undrilled

  Woodford Shale - Drilling Activity (2016 - 2023 YTD)

 Woodford Shale - Well Completion Trend

 Woodford Shale Map

 Woodford Shale Rig Data : February 8, 2023

Drilling Trends from May 4, 2011 - February 8, 2023

 Woodford Shale Overview

Located in southeastern Oklahoma, the Woodford shale play is the 2nd oldest gas-producing formation in the U.S., behind its Texas neighbor the Barnett. It is generally viewed as a relatively shallow reservoir, with most wells targeting zones above the 150-foot mark.

Companies with the highest Woodford acreage holdings include Devon Energy, Newfield Exploration and Continental Resources.


  Woodford Shale Transactions By Quarter ($MM)