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Mid-Continent Plays Feeling Heat as Rig Counts Slide

As oil prices continue to drop, we have tracked the effect on the region's rig count compared with one year ago (when oil prices where averaging $108 per barrel).

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Mississippi Lime Rig Count

Rig Count as of:             Change From             Change From
   01/23/2015                    Prior Week                    Year ago
Baker Hughes Rig Count

  TOTAL -5 -10
  HORIZONTAL Rigs -2 -8
  VERTICAL Rigs -1 -2

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Mississippi Lime Overview

What is the Mississippi Lime?

The Mississippi Lime is emerging as one of the top new horizontal plays in the United States. Initially a vertical play, horizontal techniques have increased interest in the area. Production varies significantly from one operator to the next. Well design is the biggest variable, but we need more results to give consistent averages.

Anadarko Basin Stack Horizontal Plays

Source : Midstates Petroleum / Petroleum

Mid-Continent Multi-Zone Program

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 Mississippi Lime Map

 Mississippi Lime Rig Data : January 30, 2015

Drilling Trends from May 4, 2011 - January 30, 2015
Mississippi Lime Rig Data By County

  Mississippi Lime - Mergers & Acquisitions

Announce DateHeadlineBuyerSellerValue $MMType
09/23/2014 New Western Eyes Oklahoma Acreage with MissLime Potential --- Asset
09/16/2014 Eagle Energy Exploration Picks Up 20,000 MissLime Acres $195 Asset
09/12/2014 Stratex Enters JV with Eagle Oil and Gas in Kansas Miss-Lime --- JV
06/24/2014 Jericho to Add Contiguous Kansas Acreage --- Property
06/12/2014 Petron Energy to Acquire Creek County, Okla. Lease --- Asset
05/30/2014 Petro River Acquires MissLime E&P Bandolier --- M&A
04/16/2014 Armada Oil Acquires W.I. in Leases with MissLime Potential --- Asset
03/26/2014 Newly-Minted E&P Eyes Shell's Kansas MissLime Acreage --- Asset
03/05/2014 American Petro-Hunter Sells Off Oklahoma Asset Package $1 Asset
02/24/2014 American Energy Partners Sets Sights on Acreage Targeting Woodford, MissLime $680 Property

Mississippi Lime Transactions By Month ($MM)

Mississippi Lime Strats, Maps, Type Logs and More
Mississippian Schematic Cross Section
Mississippian Isopach Map
Mississippian Type Logs
Analsyis : Drilling Potential
Mississippi Lime Map