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Q320 Well Result Review Well Highlights Well Locator Map (Lea County, NM) Resumed operational activity with the completion of five DUCs in Lea County, NM Targeted the 3rd Bone Spring Sand interval with average lateral length of 9,000 feet Chimichangas Pad Generated strong results: Average IP-30: 1,886 Boe/d (82% oil)1 Donkey Kong Pad Average IP-60: 1,480 Boe/d (82% oil)1 Pac-Man Pad Completions consisted of 70% recycled water, lowering both D&C and LOE costs Average D&C cost of 858 per lateral foot2 New Mexico DUC Well Performance (MBo) 100 100 100 Donkey Kong Pad Avg. Pac-Man Pad Avg. Chimichangas Pad FY'19 Avg 1.5 Mile Lateral FY'19 Avg 2.0 Mile Lateral FY'19 Avg 2.0 Mile Lateral 75 75 75 Cumulative Oil Prod (Mbo) Cumulative Oil Prod (Mbo) Cumulative Oil Prod (Mbo) 50 50 50 25 25 25 0 0 0 0 15 30 45 60 0 15 30 45 60 0 15 30 45 60 Days on Production Days on Production Days on Production Note: Cumulative oil production curves shown on an non-normalized basis (1) Oil cut figures shown on a two-stream basis (2) Represents total completed well costs - including drilling, completion, facilities and flowback costs 9
Centennial Resource Development
October 2020

WELL PRODUCTIVITY MATCHES COST EXECUTION STRONG WELL PERFORMANCE RECENT WILDHORSE PROJECT CUMULATIVE PRODUCTION PLOT MIDLAND BASIN 120 WCA and WCB performance on Dunkin/Horton/Wright 29-20 unit are Dunkin/Horton/Wright 100 exceeding type curve estimates Cum. Production (MBoe) Nine-well project targeting four 80 DUNKIN UNIT A1 08AH target zones DUNKIN UNIT A2 21H (WC B) Initial Middle Spraberry test 60 HORTON UNIT 01AH Co-development tests across 40 WRIGHT UNIT 29 20 03AH WildHorse area performing in line WRIGHT UNIT 29 20 A1 04AH or better than 2019 vintage wells 20 2019 VINTAGE (WC A offsets) - Over 100% average 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 outperformance vs 2019 offsets Days on Production through first 50 days RECENT DELAWARE WEST PROJECT CUMULATIVE PRODUCTION PLOT DELAWARE BASIN Learnings from past large-scale 180 Partially bound Dorothy-Sansom (2020) development coupled with showing strong performance vs unbound subsurface modeling 150 Crowley-St. Clair (2019) wells (The Six) Cum. Production (MBoe) Dorothy-Sansom 120 DOROTHY/SANSOM WCA AVG Seven-well project targeting four 90 CROWLEY/ST. CLAIR WCA AVG zones (five flow units) DOROTHY/SANSOM WCB AVG Includes initial Third Bone Spring 60 CROWLEY/ST. CLAIR WCB AVG test 30 Partially bounded wells are exceeding previous unbounded 0 wells on cumulative production 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 Days on Production Note: 2019 vintage are a 4-well average of Sidewinder WCA 10,000 wells that were put on production in 2019. 12
Callon Petroleum Co.
September 2020

Encouraging Texas Delaware Oil Play Results 2020 Resource Play Exploration (REx) D&C activity completed Marathon Oil vs. Industry Productivity 4 Woodford wells and 2 Meramec wells 90-Day 180-Day successfully brought online since play entry Average Cumulative 25 MBOE per 1,000 Wells demonstrate strong productivity, high Oil oil cuts, and shallow declines Gas Gas-oil ratios in line with pre-drill expectations 0 MRO REx 2019 MRO REx 2019 Low water-oil ratios of 1:1 Wells 1 Industry Wells 1 Industry Delaware Delaware 2 No H2S and negligible CO2, as expected Basin 2 Basin Texas Delaware Oil Play Producing Wells Productivity compares favorably against MRO Acreage industry Delaware Basin Wolfcamp and Woodford Well Meramec Well Bone Spring wells; water-oil ratios also lower Program has shown significant and continuous improvement in drilling and completion costs 1 90 day average includes 4 wells with 90 days of production and 180 day average includes 3 wells with 180 days of production 2 Source: Enverus production data for horizontal wells in Delaware DI Basin with 1st production date in 2019 and gross perforated interval over 1,000 feet 11
Marathon Oil Corp
August 2020

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