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Portfolio Driving Durable Returns Premium Portfolio 1 Generating substantial Non-GAAP Free Cash Flow Deep Premium1 10Years 20Years Oil & Condensate Natural Gas Provides risk mitigation against single basin headwinds Inventory Opportunities Across the Portfolio Multi-Basin Advantage Cross-basin learnings reinforce innovative culture Operational best practices distributed across the portfolio Multi-Product Commodity Exposure Premium return options across oil & condensate and gas Maximized price realizations through market diversification Montney Multi-Basin Advantage2 Multi-Product Exposure2 Production by asset Production by Product Bakken Permian Oil & Condensate Anadarko Natural Gas Uinta Bakken NGLs 60% U.S. Anadarko Uinta 50% Liquids 40% Canada 50% Gas Montney Permian Non-GAAP measures defined in advisories. For additional information regarding non-GAAP measures see the Companys website. 6 1) Premium defined as 35% at 55 WTI and 2.75 NYMEX 2) Based on FY22 MBOE/d production.
Ovintiv Inc
March 2023

2023 Delaware Development Plan 3-4 rig program Gaining efficiencies through larger projects Avg. size increases 65% to 10 wells Simultaneous D&C decreasing cycle times Target three primary formations Wolfcamp A, B & C Organic inventory expansion De-risking 3rd Bone Spring Shale and Lower Wolfcamp C 2023E Avg. Lat. Payout1,2 TILs IRR1 Length (in yrs) Delaware East 7,471 23 75% 1.3 Delaware South 9,342 13 57% 1.8 Delaware West 8,244 27 75% 1.3 1. Assumes price deck of 80/Bbl and 3.25/MMBtu 2. Time needed for the nominal undiscounted cash flow to return the initial DC&E capital expenditures 2023 Callon Investor Presentation 20
Callon Petroleum Co.
February 2023

MIDLAND BASIN FOCUSED ON EXECUTION, WELL PERFORMANCE AND CAPITAL EFFICIENCY 2 0 2 2 O P E R AT I N G P L A N 2 0 2 2 P L A N D E TA I L S HOWARD 2022 net wells: drill 55 complete 40 1Q22: drilled 14 completed 5 2Q22: drill 15 complete 8 RockStar 12,360 expected average lateral feet per well ANDREWS MARTIN 38% Boe PDP decline expected (YE21 - YE22) BEST IN CLASS WELL PERFORMANCE New completion design expected to drive higher EUR and NAV per well 2022-2023 drilling program expected breakeven flat pricing of 16 - 45/Bbl NYMEX(1) 2022 completion designs expected to utilize average fluid loading of 60 Bbls/ft and 2,800 lbs/ft sand ECTOR GLASSCOCK (2) O P E R AT I N G D E TA I L S Sweetie Peck Rigs Running: Completion Crews: 82,000 MIDLAND NET ACRES UPTON REAGAN (1) Breakeven 10% IRR assumes natural gas at 2.50/Mcf and 43% NGL to WTI pricing, as of February 22, 2022. (2) 2022 expected average. 11
SM Energy Company
June 2022

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