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MIDLAND WELLS SHOWING STRONG PERFORMANCE KEY LEARNINGS AND TAKEAWAYS COMPARABLE WOLFCAMP WELLS 2019 VERSUS 2020 VINTAGE Reduced water loadings allow for 200 better flowback and lower impact on offset wells 180 Tailored project spacing and 160 proper frac geometry, based upon improved subsurface analysis, 140 maximizing early life well Oil Cum (MBo) performance 120 Continued strong performance from WC B co-development 100 expands economic resource opportunity 80 Combined co-development of 60 Lower Spraberry, Wolfcamp A, and Wolfcamp B creating strong 40 blended returns, and allowing slower ramp and lower decline 20 profile of LSBY wells to support WC wells after peak 0 1 51 101 151 201 251 Promising longer-term Days on Production performance from Middle Spraberry with adequate geologic DUNKIN UNIT A1 08AH DUNKIN UNIT A2 21H (WC B) separation to return and harvest HORTON UNIT 01AH WRIGHT UNIT 29 20 03AH in later field development WRIGHT UNIT 29 20 A1 04AH 2019 Offset Average (4 WC A wells) Note: 2019 vintage are a 4-well average of Sidewinder WCA 10,000 wells that were put on production in 2019. 10
Callon Petroleum Co.
December 2020

Delivering Best-in-Class Oil Production 1) Source:; average Permian Basin oil mix for gross production between January 2016 and January 2020. 2) Peers: APA, COP, CVX, CXO, DVN, EOG, FANG, MRO, MTDR, NBL, OXY, PE, WPX, 11 XEC and XOM. 3) Source:; average Permian Basin gross production from wells POPd between January 2016 and November 2019.
Pioneer Natural Resources Co.
November 2020

Eagle Ford & Bakken Capital Efficiency Best of U.S. Shales MRO results exceed top quartile in both basins Independent third party data (well productivity and total well costs) validates superior capital efficiency1 for Bakken and Eagle Ford relative to other U.S. shale plays MRO capital efficiency1 in Bakken and Eagle Ford exceeds: 1) top quartile industry results within both of those plays and 2) top quartile results across all other primary U.S. oil basins Industry Capital Efficiency1 since 2018 40 Avg 180D Cum mboe / TWC Oil 35 Gas (20:1 mboe/mil)1 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 MRO Bakken Bakken MRO Eagle Eagle Ford DJ Basin Delaware Midland Powder River Oklahoma Avg. Top Quartile Ford Avg. Top Quartile Top Quartile Top Quartile Top Quartile Top Quartile Top Quartile 1 Capital efficiency defined as average cumulative 180 day 20:1 mboe per total well cost (TWC) estimate from Rystad Energy in millions. Based on 20,000 wells from Anadarko, Delaware, DJ, Eagle Ford, Midland, Powder River, and Williston basins with first production in 2018 or later, 180 days of production data and a TWC estimate from Rystad Energys ShaleWellCube dataset, and lateral length of 2000 ft 6
Marathon Oil Corp
November 2020

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