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WELL PRODUCTIVITY MATCHES COST EXECUTION STRONG WELL PERFORMANCE RECENT WILDHORSE PROJECT CUMULATIVE PRODUCTION PLOT MIDLAND BASIN 120 WCA and WCB performance on Dunkin/Horton/Wright 29-20 unit are Dunkin/Horton/Wright 100 Cum. Production (MBoe) exceeding type curve estimates Nine-well project targeting four 80 DUNKIN UNIT A1 08AH target zones DUNKIN UNIT A2 21H (WC B) Initial Middle Spraberry test 60 HORTON UNIT 01AH Co-development tests across 40 WRIGHT UNIT 29 20 03AH WildHorse area performing in line WRIGHT UNIT 29 20 A1 04AH or better than 2019 vintage wells 20 2019 VINTAGE (WC A offsets) - Over 100% average 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 outperformance vs 2019 offsets Days on Production through first 50 days RECENT DELAWARE WEST PROJECT CUMULATIVE PRODUCTION PLOT DELAWARE BASIN Learnings from past large-scale 180 Partially bound Dorothy-Sansom (2020) development coupled with show ing strong performance vs unbound subsurface modeling 150 Crow ley-St. Clair (2019) w ells (The Six) Cum. Production (MBoe) Dorothy-Sansom 120 DOROTHY/SANSOM WCA AVG Seven-well project targeting four 90 CROWLEY/ST. CLAIR WCA AVG zones (five flow units) DOROTHY/SANSOM WCB AVG Includes initial Third Bone Spring 60 CROWLEY/ST. CLAIR WCB AVG test 30 Partially bounded wells are exceeding previous unbounded 0 wells on cumulative production 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 Days on Production Note: 2019 vintage are a 4-well average of Sidewinder WCA 10,000 wells that were put on production in 2019. 12
Callon Petroleum Co.
August 2020

Delivering Best-in-Class Oil Production 1) Source:; average Permian Basin oil mix for gross production between January 2016 and January 2020. 2) Peers: APA, COP, CVX, CXO, DVN, EOG, FANG, MRO, MTDR, NBL, OXY, PE, WPX, 10 XEC and XOM. 3) Source:; average Permian Basin gross production from wells POPd between January 2016 and Novemb er 2019.
Pioneer Natural Resources Co.
August 2020

Permian Basin University 0312E/W 0312W 0312E Performance Observations mile mile Wolfcamp A and Spraberry Shale C-bench wells outperforming Middle Spraberry expectations Lower Spraberry Spraberry Shale B-bench & Lower Spraberry wells performing as expected Jo Mill Spraberry Shale A Middle Spraberry wells outperforming after initial cleanup Spraberry Shale B Spraberry Shale C Deployed continuous tank development resulting in Dean supercharge conditions with positive impacts on frac network Wolfcamp A complexity and initial production Wolfcamp B UL 0312 Production Performance UL 0312 Cumulative Production Performance 35,000 3,500 DSU 10k Norm Cum Oil (MBO) 30,000 3,000 10k Norm Oil Rate (BOPD) 25,000 2,500 20,000 2,000 15,000 1,500 10,000 1,000 5,000 500 0 0 MS LS SB SC WA 0312 Budget TC 0312 Total 0312 Budget TC 10
QEP Resources, Inc.
July 2020

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