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Howard County Inventory and Well Performance Howard - Key Stats and Acreage Position Highlights 2022 development program entirely focused on Howard County Net Acres 33,000 Borden Consolidated acreage position facilitates drilling of more capital Q1-22A Net Production (MBOE/D) % Oil 35.8 72% efficient longer laterals LSS / WCA Locations1 130 Integrating eight Middle Spraberry wells into the 2022 MS Locations1 35 development plan Howard Total Development Locations1 165 Avg. Lateral Length (ft.) 11,500 Avg. WI (%) 92% North Howard Central Howard Avg. LSS/WCA Well Performance2 Middle Spraberry Performance2 200 120 Thumper D 4MS North Howard Thumper B 2MS 175 Central Howard (Wider-Spacing) Production per Well (MBO) Production per Well (MBO) Central Howard (Tighter-Spacing) 100 Cumulative Gross Oil Cumulative Gross Oil 150 80 125 100 60 75 40 50 20 25 0 0 0 90 180 270 360 0 30 60 90 120 150 Producing Days Producing Days 1Gross operated location as of January 2022 (adjusted for 2021 completions); 2Production data normalized to 10,000 lateral length, downtime days excluded 6
Laredo Petroleum Inc.
May 2022

Anadarko Basin Overview 2019 2020 2021 CTRA Acreage Position Reduced Anadarko Strategic acreage swaps; Sold non-core acreage; development capital; focused on acreage delineated Lone Rock with Currently running 2 rigs & 1 completion crew allocation to Permian Basin continuity in core areas Carel/Elder development increased results below 2022 Woodford developments in Downdip and Updip areas offer opportunity to unlock additional value DOWNDIP UPDIP Carel/Elder v Legacy Lone Rock Development Outperforming legacy Lone Rock offset development 32% after 210 days of production, driving increased capital efficiency and higher returns 18 Carel/Elder Cumulative equivalents production per lateral foot (20:1 Boe per foot) 16 LONE ROCK 14 12 Legacy Lone Rock 10 offset development 8 6 COTERRA ACREAGE (182K NET ACRES) 4 WOODFORD MERAMEC 2 Miller Trust: 4 well development 66% WI, 3Q22e TIL 0 0 50 100 150 200 Leota Clark: 6 well development 97% WI, 4Q22e TIL Days Online 13
Coterra Energy
May 2022

Delivering Strong Well Results Across Position Q2 Well Highlights Chorizo 500 Pad Review Delivered strong Q2 results across multiple Chorizo 500 pad: returned to an existing producing unit with significant stacked pay formations in the Northern and Southern Delaware Previously drilled the Chorizo 600 pads in the 3rd Bone Spring in Q219 / Q120 Drilled and completed for an average well cost of 675 / lateral foot Powdered Donut 45% improvement in DC&F costs vs prior Chorizo 600 pads Pad Reflects Centennials continued focus on capital efficiency and rate of return, driving (3rd BS / WC C) costs lower while maintaining overall well productivity Lea 150 Chorizo 600 Pad Average (Q2'19 / Q1'20 First Prod) Cumulative Oil Production (MBo) Chorizo 500 Pad Average (Q2'21 First Prod) 120 Avg FY'20 - FY'21 2 Mile Lateral (All Zones) Chorizo Pad (2nd Bone Spring) Reeves 90 60 Chimichangas 602H NM NM (3rd Bone Spring) TX TX 30 0 0 30 60 90 Days Online Chorizo Chimichangas Powdered Donut Pad Average 602H Pad Average New CDEV Development Existing Producers Illustrative Chorizo Unit Lateral length (ft.) 9,800 9,800 9,000 Formation 2nd Bone Spring development, offsetting IP30 (Boe/d) 2,295 2,722 2,530 existing 3rd Bone Spring producers 1st Bone Spring Sand IP60 (Boe/d) 1,957 2,132 2,175 2nd Bone Spring Sand % oil1 84% 82% 43% 3rd Bone Spring Sand Note: Cumulative oil production curves shown on a non-normalized basis (1) Oil cut figures shown on a two-stream basis, based on IP30 rate 6
Centennial Resource Development
September 2021

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