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Top  Operators ( Jan 1, 2016 - May 30, 2016)

Anadarko Petroleum Corp ( 35 )   

EOG Resources, Inc. ( 34 )   

American Energy Permian Basin, LLC ( 22 )   

Royal Dutch Shell plc ( 20 )   

Cimarex Energy Co. ( 17 )   

Matador Resources Company ( 13 )

Concho Resources, Inc. ( 12 )

XTO Energy Inc. ( 10 )

 Drilling Permits Trends ( Jan 2015 - May 2016)

Drilling Permits ( April 30, 2016 - May 30, 2016)
Date Approved Company county Lease Well# Well type Field/Zone
05-28-2016 Matador Production Company Eddy Brantley State Com 13 24 27 Rb 221h Wolfcamp
05-28-2016 Matador Production Company Lea Olivine Tl 05 16 37 State Com 234h Wolfcamp
05-28-2016 Gmt Exploration Company Llc Lea Vitalizer State 001h Wolfcamp
05-23-2016 Cog Operating Llc Reeves Big Gipper State Unit 2506h Phantom ( Wolfcamp )
05-23-2016 Anadarko E&p Onshore Llc Ward Monroe 34-220 4h Phantom ( Wolfcamp )
05-21-2016 Matador Production Company Eddy Janie Conner 13 24s 28e Rb 221h Wolfcamp
05-21-2016 Matador Production Company Eddy Paul 25 24s 28e Rb 225h Wolfcamp
05-21-2016 Eog Resources Inc Lea Lomas Rojas 26 State Com 708h Wolfcamp
05-21-2016 Eog Resources Inc Lea Lomas Rojas 26 State Com 707h Wolfcamp
05-21-2016 Eog Resources Inc Lea Lomas Rojas 26 State Com 706h Wolfcamp

Wolfcamp Shale Overview

What is the Wolfcamp Shale?

The Wolfcamp Shale is an oil and gas zone found throughout the permian basin.  See (Permian Basin Geologic Break down) below. However horizontal development over the last few years has been on developing the wolfcamp in the Delaware and Midland Basins. 

Permian Basin Geologic Breakdown (Wolfcamp in Red)


Wolfcamp (Delaware Basin) Shale

Delaware Wolfcamp Shale is a separate formation that lies beneath the Bone Spring, it is about 2000' thick.…

 Wolfcamp Shale Map

  Wolfcamp Shale - Mergers & Acquisitions

Announce DateHeadlineBuyerSellerValue $MMType
04/04/2016 Parsley to Bulk Up in the Permian; Inks Deal for Acreage, Properties $359 Property
08/04/2015 Permian E&P Bolts On Midland Basin Wolfcamp Acreage Position $274 Property
07/06/2015 Linn Energy Lets Go of Remaining Wolfcamp Assets $281 Property
10/31/2014 Mexco Acquires Interest in Eagle Ford, Permian Leases $2 Property
09/18/2014 LINN, ExxonMobil Swap California, Wolfcamp Assets --- Property
09/02/2014 Callon Bolsters Permian Position; Seals Deal for Acreage $205 Property
08/21/2014 West Texas Resources Picks Up Palo Duro Basin Prospect --- Property
07/25/2014 RSP Permian Bolts On Northern Midland Core for $257 Million $257 Property
07/21/2014 Diamondback to Up Ante in the Permian Wolfcamp; Eyes Interests $538 Property
06/09/2014 Victory Energy Closes Sale of Working Interest in Glasscock County $4 Property

Wolfcamp Shale Transactions By Month ($MM)

Wolfcamp Shale Strats, Maps, Type Logs and More
Permian Basin - Mutliple Pay Zone
Permian Basin Map
Southern Midland Top Acreage Holders
Delaware Basin Strat
Wolfcamp Shale - Southern Midland Basin