CommodityPrice% Change
Brent Crude Oil87.86-0.35%
Light Crude Oil85.19-1.83%
Natural Gas3.911.30%
AreaLast CountCountChange
U.S. Jan 14, 2022 601 13+
Canada Jan 14, 2022 191 50+

Canada Rig Count Trends - Source Baker Hughes

  Last Count Count Change from Prior Count Date of Prior Count Change from Last Year Date of Last Year's Count
CANADA RIGS Jan 14, 2022 191 50+ Jan 07, 2022 30 Jan 15, 2021
    HORIZONTAL Jan 14, 2022 188 50 Jan 07, 2022 38 Jan 15, 2021
    VERTICAL Jan 14, 2022 0 0 Jan 07, 2022 -4 Jan 15, 2021
    GAS Jan 14, 2022 70 7 Jan 07, 2022 -1 Jan 15, 2021
    OIL Jan 14, 2022 121 43 Jan 07, 2022 31 Jan 15, 2021

Latest Deals (More Deals)

Announce Date Deal TitleValue $MM Play/Location CategoryAcres
Dec-15-2021 Tamarack to Acquire Crestwynd Exploration in $184.7MM Cash/Stock Deal Canada Oil Sands  E&P
Nov-29-2021 CNRL to Acquire Montney-Focused Storm Resources in $960MM Deal Montney Shale  E&P
Jul-07-2021 i3 Energy Acquires Alberta Assets from Cenovus for C$65 Million Canada / Alberta  E&P
Jun-11-2021 Tourmaline Acquires Montney-Focused Black Swan Energy Montney Shale  E&P
Jun-07-2021 Crescent Point Unloads Non-Core SK Conventional Assets for $93MM Canada / Saskatchewan  E&P
Jun-02-2021 Pembina to Acquire Inter Pipeline in All-Stock Deal Worth $6.9 Billion Canada Oil Sands,Monterey Shale,Viking Play,Peace River Arch,Horn River,Deep Basin  Midstream
Jun-02-2021 Cardinal to Acquire Venturion Oil Ltd. in Cash/Stock Deal Worth $47.5MM Viking Play  E&P
May-24-2021 Topaz Acquires Assets From Tourmaline For $347 Million Montney Shale  E&P
May-18-2021 Cenovus Sells ORR Interest in Martin Hills Asset for C$102 Million Canada Oil Sands  E&P
May-14-2021 Saturn Picks Up 288,000 Oxbow Acres in $93MM Deal Canada / Saskatchewan  E&P
Apr-15-2021 Topaz Energy Signs $32MM Deal for 2% Gross ORRI Peace River Arch  E&P
Apr-12-2021 Tamarack Valley to Acquire Anegada Oil for $494 Million Canada / Alberta  E&P
Apr-05-2021 Whitecap Acquires Kicking Horse Oil & Gas for $300 Million Montney Shale  E&P
Mar-17-2021 Petro Viking Picks Up Duvernay, Viking Mineral Rights Duvernay Shale,Viking Play  E&P
Mar-17-2021 Leucrotta Sells Non-Core Montney Gas Assets in $30MM Deal Montney Shale  E&P

Latest Oil Infrastructure Projects (More Infrastructures)

Latest Gas and NGL Infrastructure Projects (More Infrastructures)

In-Service DateProject NameProject TypeCapacityProject TypePlay/LocationDetails
Quarter / 2023 Coastal GasLink Pipeline  Transport_Pipeline    Gas  Montney Shale  Details
1 Quarter / 2019 Montney Deep-Cut Gas Processing Facility / Rail  Processing,Rail    Gas,NGL  Montney Shale  Details
4 Quarter / 2017 NEBC Expansion  Transport_Pipeline    NGL,Condensate  Montney Shale  Details
3 Quarter / 2017 Cutbank Ridge / The Tower Liquids Hub  Processing,Gathering_System    NGL  Montney Shale  Details
1 Quarter / 2020 Merrick Mainline Pipeline  Transport_Pipeline    Gas,NGL  Horn River,Liard  Details