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Anschutz Exploration Corporation Private         
Anschutz Exploration Corporation is developing the powder river basin with a focus in Converse, Campbell and Johnson counties.
The company has been operating in the Powder River Basin holding approximately

555 17th Street Ste 2400
Denver Co 80202

Land / Acreage
Area Acreage
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Active County State
Converse County Wy
Campbell County Wy
Johnson County Wy

Permitting - Most recent Well Permits

Permit Date State County Well Name Well Bore Type Field/Zone Well Status
WY Campbell FURBALL FED 4271-28-26-16S NH
WY Converse Denver Fed 3671-18-6-3W NH
WY Converse Denver Fed 3671-18-6-4W NH
WY Converse Kali Fed 3671-16-4-1W NH
WY Converse Tiny Fed 3671-17-5-1E NH
WY Converse Tiny Fed 3671-17-5-2E NH
WY Converse Jack Fed 3671-18-6-2 SXH
WY Converse Toughy Fed 3671-17-5-3 PH
WY Converse Toughy Fed 3671-17-5-4 TH
WY Converse Toughy Fed 3671-17-5-4E NH
Permitting - Trend ( Jan 1, 2014 - Apr 24, 2024)
Wells Completed ( Jan 1, 2014 - Apr 24, 2024)
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Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
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