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   |    Wednesday,October 11,2017

What is Presentation Manager ("PM")?

Presentation Manager is Shale Experts' database that combines company presentations on quarterly results, investor updates, and from conferences the companies attend.

With this database, you can quickly find the information relevant to you without sifting through each individual slide. Below are examples of information that can be found on PM.

Below, PM was used to look at the following:

  • Efficiency Gains in the Midland Basin Looking at LOE
  • Key and Important Wells in the SCOOP/STACK
  • Delaware Basin Well Performance
  • Eagle Ford Leasehold Maps

Efficiency Gains from Midland Basin Operator

In the Midland Basin, operators have continued to decrease LOEs, as focus shifts to increasing well efficiency. LOE has increased anywhere from around $2/boe since 2015 from RSP Permian to almost $6 since 2015 from Parsley.




RSP Permian:

Key and Important Wells in the SCOOP/STACK:

Find out where operators are drilling key wells in the SCOOP/STACK. With several high performing wells located in Blaine, Caddo, Canadian, Grady, Stephens, and Kingfisher Counties in Oklahoma, operators are continuing to exploit the reliable IP30 rates found in the SCOOP/STACK.


Marathon Oil:

Unit Corp:



Delaware Basin Well Performance:

Operators are outperforming type curves in the Delaware Basin. With proppant per foot ranging from 2,400 lbs/ft to 4,000 lbs/ft, Operators are nearing an optimal frac design to achieve the best results in the Delaware Basin.



The company's use of 2,400 lbs/ft and 10,000 laterals are outperforming previous wells.


The company's wells are outperforming the type curve with its 4,000 lbs/ft testing and longer laterals.

Eagle Ford Leasehold Maps:

Looking to break into the southern part of the Eagle Ford? Using the leasehold map tag in PM will show you which operators are in the area.





If you are interested in adding PM to your subscription, please contact us at or give us a call at 713-876-7700.

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