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Continental Resources, Inc. NYSE:CLR : CLR         
Continental Resources, Inc. is developing the powder river basin with a focus in Converse and Campbell counties.
Active County State
Converse County Wy
Campbell County Wy

Permitting - Most recent Well Permits

Permit Date State County Well Name Well Bore Type Field/Zone Well Status
WY Campbell HARTZOG DRAW 2524N1H
WY Campbell HARTZOG DRAW 2524M1H
WY Converse CITRA FED 3773-1003 3FH
WY Converse NBRR 37N-73W-0310-1H
WY Converse Cascade Fed 3873-2734-3TH
WY Converse Cascade Fed 3873-3427 1FH
WY Converse Muirfield Fed 3974-2932 1NH
WY Converse Skunk Creek Fed 3772-0718 3FH
WY Converse MW 37N-73W-2215-1H
WY Converse NBRR 37N-73W-2932-8H
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Wells Completed ( Jan 1, 2014 - Jul 07, 2022)

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Sr. VP Exploration
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Vice President, Oil Marketing Logistics
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Geologic Manager
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