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Private Equity Invested $12 Billion to Start 40 New Companies in 2018

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   |    Thursday,January 03,2019

Below is a look at how Private Equity firms deployed some $12 billion in 2018 across 40 new companies.

By Company Type

Exploration & Production = $7.0 billion

Minerals                           = $1.8 Billion

Midstream                        = $2.01 billion

Oilfield Services                = $1.0 billion


By Area/Basin/Play

Canada                        : $250 million

Ark-la-Tex/Haynesville : $800 Million

MidCon/STACK/SCOOP : $1.5 billion

Permian                       : $3.8 billion

Powder River               : $2.0 billion


Top Companies (based on capital raised) 

Northwood Energy LLC   -Led by Ryan Birkenfeld, CEO - Raised $850 million  :  Acquired property in the Powder River Basin

Flywheel Energy              -Led by Justin Cope, CEO - Raised $700 million :  Acquired BHP's Fayetteville Property

Horizon Resources III     -Led by Jason Dean, CEO - Raised $500 million :  Looking for non-op properties in the Rockies

Tall City Exploration III    Led by Michael Oestmann, CEO - Raised $500 million  : Looking for operated properties in the Permian


The above list is showing only 4 of 40 companies - the full 40-company list is available to premium subscribers with access to Shale Experts' Private Equity Database.


To get more information on the Private Equity Database or to add it to your subscription, email or call us at 713-876-7700.









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