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Southwestern Taps EP Energy Alum as New COO

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   |    Tuesday,December 05,2017

Southwestern Energy has hired Clayton A. Carrell as its new COO and EVP.

About Carrell:

Mr. Carrell joins Southwestern Energy from EP Energy, where he served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer since 2012. He joined El Paso Corporation in 2007, where he held various executive leadership roles and helped establish EP Energy as an independent company before being named Chief Operating Officer. Previously, Mr. Carrell was Vice President, Engineering & Operations at Peoples Energy Production from February 2001 to March 2007. Prior to joining Peoples Energy Production, Mr. Carrell worked at Burlington Resources and ARCO Oil and Gas Company from May 1988 to February 2001.

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Capital & Finance
        Capital Expenditures
        Net Debt
        Debt Maturity Schedule
        Capital Structure / Liquidity
        F&D Costs / RRC
        Rates of Return/ IRR
Data & Charts
        Type Curve
        Bar Chart
        Decline Curve
Land & Legal
        Leasehold Map
        All Maps
        Areas of Operations
        Pipelines & Facilities
        Projects - Pipeline & Facilities
Portfolio & Operations
        Production Rates
        Proved Reserves
        Corporate Production Rates
        IP Rates
        Drilling - Wells Completed
        IP Rates 30-Day
        Drilling - Wells Drilled
        Key Wells & Discoveries
        Cumulative Production
Well Information
        Well Results
        Well Results/Performance
        Well Cost
        Well EUR
        Frac Design - Frac Stages
        Well Lateral Length
        Frac Design - Stage Spacing
        Drilling Days

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